String S New String (ABC). How Many Objects Are Created After the Above Statement?

Java creates two objects for this stmt. One object is created at the heap and one is at the string static pool. You can prove this by getting the total memory at runtimeConsider ABC stores a string abc. Now check

long used Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() - Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory();before and the above stmt. If you get the used memory twice to that of required for string ABC then it means that java has created two objects

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Abc is a three digit numbers where abc^2 and bca^3, what solution does it have?

1.Since a and b are digits (that is if abc does not indicate multiplication), the largest that a^2 can be is 1 or 8 and so a is one of 1 or 2.Now, bc^2-aa^3-c from which c^2c-a^3-a0. Then the discriminant must be the square of an integer. We write 14a^34a is a perfect square. However, a is 1 or 2 giving us a1, c1. Since b is a function of a and c and (a,c) has but one solution, so does b


How come Fox News is still so popular, even though they have been proven to be making up facts and are clearly very biased (conflict of interest-Rupert Murdoch)?

Because Fox is one of the very few places where you can hear both sides of an argument and make up your own mind. Most people don't want to hear 24/7 Trump bashing. Just because the socialist left doesn't like the facts doesn't mean that Fox made them up. Fox mistakes don't hold a candle to the false reporting and mistakes of CNN and CBS who have both fired and suspended reporters for doing that.Please cite your source that Fox made anything up


How is abcabcabcbbb? If it is not 0.

abcabcabcbbb3abcbbb3acb^2Since b^2 is a multiple of 3 so is b. Therefore b3k and ac3k^2.So let's test this with a random example: k1 than b3 than ac3and abc9 and of course 3×93^3.Ok k2: b6 and ac12 therefore abc72And 3×726^3In fact we construct an induction proof from here.

But what about irrational ks like ksqrtpi? Well ac3 piabc9 pi sqrtpi and 3abc27 pi sqrtpi and b3 sqrtpi and b^327 pi sqrtpi.So big any value k and a, b, c will follow


Is KodNest in Bangalore better than ABC and Jspiders?

Out of Kodnest, Jspiders or Abc for technology training, always pick the reliable Kodnest. It is the best training institute in Bangalore. From Java to Front end To testing to database, all taught at Kodnest for a mind-blowing course fees and also completed at a shorter time than the other institutes. Ample drive opportunities and no overcrowding of students makes Kodnest the training institute every job seeker must go to if they want to land their dream job and support their family. Choose Kodnest


In a China-Taiwan war, would America intervene and force the ABC population into internment camps?

The USA and Taiwan have a mutual defense treaty and a good portion of the USA's Navy and Marine Corps are kept close to Taiwan year round. Internment is no longer likely due to advancements in e-survelaince but under the National Defense Act as well as the remaining portion of the Sedition Act of 1805, the USA can intern and deport enemy nationals and intern its citizens under certain conditions such as martial law, insurrection, treason, and suspension of habeus corpus


How can I download ABC iView and ABC Australian videos?

Youre recommended to use GetFLV to download any ABC iView - ABC Australia videos. The downloader is a user-friendly application which requires no costly codecs. Its a professional program that can effectively record, download and convert ABC iView - ABC Australia videos to any video/audio format at terrific speed. With ABC iView - ABC Australia downloader, you can always download non-downloadable videos with extremely high quality. You can also download videos from Youtube etc websites.Please follow the detailed step by step tutorials to download videos from ABC iView - ABChulu-downloader.




Which is better to join for Java placements, ABC or JSpiders in Bangalore?

Jspiders is Fake.they will not provide any opportunities , they will claim we will give so much of opportunities but they fail to give opportunities to the students .Just see above image they are claiming every 4 min we will place one student practically think is it possible or not and again they are claiming in a single month 3600 to 4000 students will get job biggest joke ever if they will place 4000 students every month there will be no unemployment in india.Please think twice before joining this institute. You will never ever get back your precious time and your money also


What are the lyrics to the ABC hand game?

This is how I know it:Abc its easy as 123momma sings do re miabc 123 baby you and me girloh II wanna piece a piepie too sweet I want a piece of meatmeat to red I want to go to bedbed not made I want some lemonadelemonade too sour I want to take a showershower to cold I want a piece of goldgold too shiny I want to kick your hineyhiney to fat and thats the end of thatso close your eyes and count to 10whoever messes up has to start all over again


If 2048, 50313, 30511 and 90725, what is 705?

In 1) 204 8 replace 0 with 2 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 8Likewise in 2) 30511 replace 0 with 3 add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 113) 50313 replace 0 with 5 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 13As like as in 70519 replace 0 with 7 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 19and in 90725 replace 0 with 9 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 8This like the logic is confined


Which is better, 2 years of M.Tech at IIT or 2 years of work experience?

When you reach a stage where you have to select any option from two option then you analyze the both option and findwhich option comes in your life multiple timeswhich option you have not get again and againso , from both option by the doing mtech from iit you got various thing that as,you have opportunity to do job in your dream companyyou got higher salary if you do better in mtechyou are able to open your own startupIIT option not comes again and again in your lifebut you can work whole lifeso better is to join iit then do else


If the midpoints of the sides in a triangle ABC are P(1,1) Q (1,-3) and R (-3,-5), then what are the coordinates of the vertices ABC?

Let the vertices be A(x, y), B(p, q) and C(r, s). If P is the midpoint of AB, by considering the x-coordinates : (xp)/2 1, if Q is the midpoint of BC, (pr)/2 1 and finally if R is the midpoint of CA, (rx)/2 1 Solving these we get x - 3, p 5 and r - 3. By considering the y-coordinates : (yq)/2 1, (qs)/2 - 3 and finally (sy)/2 - 5 Solving these we get y - 1, q 3 and 3 - 9. Hence the vertices are A(-3, -1), B(5, 3) and C(-3, -9)


In a triangle ABC angle, C 3 angle B 2 (angle Aangle B). What are the three angles?

C is already simplified in terms of B so let's see if we can do the same for A. If we can get all three sided as proportions of the same side our work gets easier later.3B2(AB)3B2A2BB2AAfrac 12BSo that means our sides are frac 12B, B, and 3B respectively.

Summing them we get:frac 12BB3B180B2B6B3609B360B40So our angles are 20, 40, and 120 for A, B, and C


Is ABC Institute better for Java or testing?

I am ex-student of ABC For Java & Testing, now named as ABC For Technology Training Few things I want to mentioned about ABC For Java & Testing. It is really a very good training institute for those people who wants to do hard work and spend time on technologies. Teaching and placement wise ABC is really good. I was from Mechanical background, under influence of one my Friend, I joined in ABC (BTM).Frankly, I want to say for getting the best knowledge you cannot precise the location. In any condition you will have to move on because of the it's all about the carrier.


When will FMS DU be at par with IIM ABC?

Why they have to be on par with any college at all. FMS has carved its own identity just like the IIMs. FMS gets the candidates it needs & deserves just like IIMs. FMS has a unique selection process just like all IIMs have. FMS also has in store great opportunities for its students like IIMs.Rather than comparing colleges that have a legacy of more than half a century it is any day better to find the right fit institution for yourself. Find out which institution will fulfill your expectations from MBA and work out a way to land there eventually


Who do you think will win tonight's town hall, NBC or ABC?

Who do you think will win tonight's town hall, NBC or ABC?Well, Im not sure how one would define winning in this case, but I suspect that NBC, CNBC and MSNBC are about to enjoy their highest viewer ratings historically for the 8 pm to 10 pm segments.I plan to tune into MSNBC. Carl Bernstein is already freaking out so I'm thinking it should be worth a watch.'Manipulated by Trump': Carl Bernstein on NBC town hall - CNN Video.


What would it be like if an American born Chinese (ABC) person became an American president?

Sure, there's this LA born guy who graduated from Harvard and who is currently playing NBA basketball who will likely run for Congress in about 2024 and have a shot at the presidency at some point about a decade later. Some people will think it is Linsane to elect a former NBA player to the presidency but a fogey like me will remind them that Minnesota actually elected a former rassler to serve as its governor. When this actually happens, I hope all you readers will remember that I called it first.


Where can I find PDFs of Shinichi Mochizuki's proof of the ABC conjecture?

The proofs are posted among Shinichi Mochizuki's papers, under the title "Inter-Universal Teichmller Theory". At the risk of stating the obvious, if you're an amateur, you will unfortunately not be able to make any sense of those papers, even if you read up everything else Mochizuki has written about these topics. Immense amounts of background knowledge are required to just make sense of the technical terms, and I don't expect anyone to be able to acquire that knowledge just by reading.


What is ABC in first aid?

Airway, breathing and circulation. But it has been recently changed to CAB with the same letter meanings. Its just that the priority has become circulating the blood, for several reasons.First and foremost you dont have to do mouth to mouth in the middle of an opiate epidemic and a covid pandemic.

Second you are getting some gas exchange without breathing.Third and finally you can survive without breathing but if your heart flatlines it aint like the TV, you are not coming back


In a triangle ABC, the medians intersect at G. The area of ABC is 27cm^2. How do I find the area of BCG?

As we can see that AE,CD,BF are the medians in triangle ABC then BEEC,ADBD, AFCFArea of (GBE)0.5* BE*hArea of (GEC)0.5*EC*h , here height is same for both triangle and BEEC also so the Area of triangle GBEArea of triangle GECWe know that median divides triangle into equal areas so Ar(ABE)Ar(ACE)then Ar(ABE)-Ar(GBE)Ar(ACE)-Ar(GCE) Ar(ABG)Ar(ACG)similarly ,Ar(ACG)Ar(BGC)Ar(ABG)So,finally Ar(BGC)(1/3) * 27 cm^2 9 cm^2


Is Modern ABC of Chemistry a must for NEET if I read ALLEN and NCERT? Which chapters of Modern ABC are important?

Right now if you are thinking to open Modern ABC ,then please don't because it's so time consuming!Btw I have been a keen lover of MODERN ABC Organic part, they have explained it very well! If you know nothing in Organic chemistry, then MODERN ABC will make you master of it, but at the cost of your time!So think and then act, what is more important! Rather I don't suggest you any other chapter that you should go through this book, it is like entering into universe and finding a planet exact like earth!All the best

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