The European Solar Energy Organization Calls on Member States to Give Priority to Solar Energy and B

Introduction: the European solar energy organization calls on Member States to give priority to solar energy and battery energy storage when formulating recovery and flexibility plans, so as to ensure that it is part of the EU's proposed post stimulus plan of 672.5 billion euros.

With the negotiations between the EU Council of ministers and the European Parliament Committee on budget and economic and monetary affairs, the solar industry group published a paper on how to use recycled and flexible cash for photovoltaic and battery energy storage capacity.

EU Member States will receive support from the 672.5 billion euro plan in accordance with the recovery and flexibility plan they must develop for this purpose. Eurosolar said that the strategy should use funds to support large-scale solar energy and energy storage, photovoltaic roofs, electrification of non energy sectors, smart grid, solar manufacturing and skills training.

In addition to constantly calling for cuts in licensing red tape, trade agencies also hope to conduct more renewable energy bidding, including a hybrid procurement round that combines power generation and energy storage. Public funds support the company's power purchase agreement and the national investment bank to reduce the risk of financing renewable energy projects by providing guarantees.

European solar companies hope to force the use of photovoltaic power generation in all appropriate new buildings, especially in social housing, and encourage families and enterprises to "take solar energy". Such plans should include building integrated photovoltaic power generation and plans to promote the renovation of energy-efficient buildings, including subsidies for the installation of solar energy and energy storage.

The Brussels based lobby group called for incentives to encourage heat pumps and electric vehicles and distributed battery energy storage to help promote the electrification of construction, heating, transportation and industry. The trade agency also pointed out the recommendation of the international energy agency that power grid investment should include licensing and planning reform, raising lending thresholds, grants and tax incentives, skills training and R & D expenditure.

The trade agency promotes photovoltaic innovation by providing grants and subsidies, raises funds for start-ups and pilot projects, and provides "cost competitive electricity" for large industrial projects. It reiterates its call for solar manufacturing in Europe. Eurosolar also pointed out the solar manufacturing accelerator it launched in July, which highlighted ten Pan European solar manufacturing plans.

The trade agency said that coal mines should link their grid connections to innovative solar projects such as floating photovoltaic and agricultural photovoltaic. The renewable energy apprenticeship program is part of the "fair transition" program, which includes incentives for retraining former fossil fuel workers and skills in the clean energy sector.

Lobbyists should include energy storage requirements in all new solar directives to reduce variable power generation to the grid, and the application of minimum energy efficiency standards on existing buildings throughout the group will also contribute to the popularization of solar energy and energy storage.

Solarpower Europe added that for utility scale battery projects, the grid code should be modified to enable such systems to provide a variety of grid ancillary services to benefit from their revenue streams – ideally, allowing batteries to extract power from the grid to maximize their flexibility.

According to the European Solar Energy Association, the EU and its member states should identify the geographical areas where power grid bottlenecks occur to help attract investors, and should update the existing renewable energy incentive plan to transform the energy storage facilities of clean energy plants.

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