The Scope of Physics, As Taught in Modern Times

The scope of physics, as taught in modern times

The problem is that many "human scale" phenomena are terribly difficult to treat: friction, fluid dynamics, vorticity, heat transfer. Even if they are ubiquitous in our everyday lives, these things are really difficult (and sometimes impossible.) to treat analytically. Just think about friction: the microscopic mechanisms behind this force that rules our everyday life is incredibly complicated, thus we are forced to make use of simplified, empirical relations to describe it. Another example is thunderstorms: today, we still do not have a decent theory to explain how clouds can accumulate such a humongous amount of electrical charge in such a short period of time. And lighting. Even the microscopic mechanism behind lightning is largely unknown. And not for lack of trying.Think about it: we can solve exactly the harmonic oscillator, the ideal gas, the hydrogen atom, the 2d Ising model, the Schwarzschild black hole. .but, what else? Truth is, we can only solve exactly a small number of systems. But when we talk about the so-called mesoscopic (in-between) scale, things can get really messy.

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Can new religions like Islam be formed in modern times?

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