The Total Planned Production Capacity of 12 Inch Semiconductor Silicon Wafer of Zhonghuan Co., Ltd.

On April 2, Qin Shilong, deputy general manager and Secretary of the board of directors of Zhonghuan Co., Ltd., introduced the current capacity of the company's factories at the 2019 annual performance online briefing.

According to Qin Shilong, the total planned production capacity of 8-inch semiconductor silicon wafers of Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. is 1.05 million pieces / month. At present, the Tianjin plant is in full production, and the two lines of Wuxi plant have been accepted and put into operation in September 2019, including 300000 pieces / month in Tianjin and 120000 pieces / month in Yixing. Yixing continues to put new equipment into commissioning and operation, and the production capacity is expected to reach 300000 pieces / month by the end of 2020.

The total planned production capacity of 12 inch semiconductor silicon wafer is 620000 pieces / month, and 20000 pieces / month in Tianjin has been put into operation in the first quarter of 2019 and sent samples to customers all over the world. In the commissioning production stage of Yixing factory, Wuxi factory slightly delayed the project commissioning due to the short-term epidemic situation. The project is controllable and continues to be promoted. It is expected to start production in 2020.

In December 2017, Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. started the construction of 8-12 inch large-diameter silicon wafer project, with an overall planning of 8-inch production capacity of 1.05 million pieces / month and 12-inch production capacity of 620000 pieces / month. Among them, the crystal growth link is Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and the polishing link is in Tianjin and Yixing, Jiangsu.

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