What Should Be Inspected for the Acceptance of SMT Patch Processing

When the customer receives the circuit board from the SMT manufacturer, all the circuit boards should be inspected, including the production copy of SMT. When the customer receives the circuit board, not all specifications need to be inspected, but history proves that this inspection is still necessary!

Here are some points that should be checked when receiving the circuit board from SMT chip processing factory.

1. Check the original appearance of the circuit board. Pay attention to cleanliness and appearance inspection.

2. Check the mask, including (specified color, specified thickness, quality defects, pitting

3. Is the plating adequate? Adequate plating is difficult to measure. If the requirements are strict, the current requirements are based on the plating thickness.

4. Is the hole centered on the pad? (ring and alignment)

5. Is the hole size correct?

6. Does the appearance conform to the artwork?

7. Does the steel mesh match the printing position of the circuit board?

8. Is the overall board size correct?

9. Is the PCB warped?

10. Is there copper on the edge of PCB?

11. PCB tracking width tolerance.

The above is a series of inspections that customers should carry out when receiving products, so as to better check and avoid long-term troubleshooting in the future, saving time and cost. If you need to know more about patch processing, you can pay attention to Keshun technology, the director of the processing plant.

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