What Were Your Favorite Children's Books Growing Up?

What were your favorite children's books growing up?

What Were Your Favorite Children's Books Growing Up? 1

I was a boy during the 1950s. I enjoyed two books when I was around 10. The Secret Garden - Hodgson-Burnett The Magician's Nephew - C.S. Lewis

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Can Anyone suggest a good

Christmas is the celebration of the birth fo Jesus Christ....Christ as in CHRISTmas. How can you celebrate the birth of Jesus and not believe? Does not make a lot of sense. Anyway, if you just go to the bookstore (After Thanksgiving) there will be a table of children's books about Christmas set up in the childrens section. There are a lot of books about Santa.

What Were Your Favorite Children's Books Growing Up? 2

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writing a children's book? need major help?

Make a fable. It's for children and children adore fables. Make a story about how an animal meets another animal and how they can be friends, despite their differences, or about how a certain animal was afraid of humans before, but has become accustomed to them. If you have a pet, tr watching it and think of how their everyday life must be. :)).

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Please help me remember the title of this Children's Book?

sure, i understand what you propose... the photos have been cute... in spite of the undeniable fact that, it grew to become into years because of the fact I study it, and that i do no longer bear in techniques the call. Sorry! Am I heavily at a loss for words, or did that e book contain puppets of something....? No, i am at a loss for words. it is not any longer suitable. yet I bear in techniques that human beings gave one yet another gold stars whilst they had helpful hair or helpful outfits or they did something helpful or maybe reason they had quite a number of gold stars. And black dots have been given once you probably did something incorrect or you have been grotesque or something. And the main character dude grew to become into one grotesque puppet thingy

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Children's book/story about ghosts allergic to wood

Rebecca's World by Terry Nation.Here is a review that outlines the plot

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looking for this children's book?

I am trying to figure out all the children's books about badgers I know but none of them quite fit the description. I do not know the dates these were published or the authors but if anything I can at least help you narrow down what it is not. Here is what I have: "Badger's Parting Gifts" "Honey Badgers" "Badger's Easter Surprise" "Badgers Three" "Badger's Fancy Meal" "Wildings - The Secret Garden of Eillen " "The Arrival - Seven Adventures at Ash Lodge" "Badger's Bad Mood" "The Darling Adventures of Penhaligon Brush" "The Wind in the Willows"

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Is it abnormal to still enjoy children's books in your 20s?

No, it's not abnormal at all. If a book is written well, why not read it? Last year I went so far as to read every single Beatrix Potter tale again! I loved them. I will never outgrow Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Little Women, Heidi, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Nancy Drew, the Chronicles of Narnia, and others like that. In fact, in a bookstore I will go boldly to the children's section when I want to explore some of the books. If someone gives me a strange look, I will simply smile in return. They just do not know what they are missing. There's a wealth of beauty and imagination to be found in the really great children's stories. I hope I never outgrow the simplicity, honesty and innocence of childhood!

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Children's book with white cat-like creature?

The only stuffed toy come to life and goes to live with his own kind book I know is the Velveteen Rabbit

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Is the bible most popular children's book of all time?

Yeah I could see how someone with the mind of an 8 year old would see it that way some day you may grow up maybe /;o.

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Does this sound like a good childrens' book?

As someone who's read hundreds of children's books I can say this does not sound like a good story. How many kids books have you read?

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What's the title/name of this children's book?

it it something to do with "Mrs. Nelson?"

I'm thinking of a children's book?

Wow, sounds like a wonderfully vivid book, and I wish I would read it, too! But I draw a blank. You can narrow your search, if you are onling-searching for it, by estimating the date of publication or at least limiting it. No clue as to the author, I do not suppose? Suggestion: visit with a librarian, esp. where they have a children's secdtion. Librarians can be super marvellous about tracking things down. (Turned different colors... into a blob.... my, my: my goodness gracious! I do remember a talking train, and an ocean going captain of a small boat, and even Pippi Longstocking, but can not remember if she refused vegetables. ..).

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