Where Was Marijuana First Discovered?

Where was marijuana first discovered?

Where Was Marijuana First Discovered? 1

probably when fire was discovered. it's been around since recorded history

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When did your country first appear in recorded history?

From the Great Karnak Inscription, in the reign of Pharaoh Merneptah, 1213-1203 BC :... the third season, saying: 'The wretched, fallen chief of Libya, Meryre, son of Ded, has fallen upon the country of Tehenu with his bowmen--Sherden, Shekelesh, Ekwesh, Lukka, Teresh ...If, as many (not all, by any means) scholars do, you take the Sherden and Shekelesh to have originated from Sicily and Sardinia, the first account of people from Italy dates back to the late Bronze Age.Otherwise, the oldest writing in Italy are - unfortunately, untranslatable - Etruscan inscriptions dating from about 700 BC. That's also (approximately) the period when Greek and Punic settlement began, bringing in the alphabet. So another acceptable answer is the eighth century BC.The oldest surviving written mention of the peninsula (in fragments and quotations) is actually, as far as I am aware, Antiochus of Syracuse, writing around 450 BC about Greek colonies in Sicily and the peninsula.

Where Was Marijuana First Discovered? 2

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How could a humanist civilization favor the selfless?

Yeah, good question. What you are asking is essentially, "How could we fundamentally change human nature?"Since the beginning of recorded history, people have wanted basically the same things: basic needs like food and drink and protection from the weather, sex, love, amusement, prestige, power. In almost every society in recorded history money is a way to obtain many of these things.G. K. Chesterton once wrote (could not find the exact quote with a brief search, but this is the gist of it) that the problem he has with many utopian schemes is that they assume that all the hard problems are solved, and then discuss at great length how they will solve the remaining easy problems. For example, he said, they will assume that in their utopian society no one will want more than his fair share, and then they will discuss whether is fair share should be delivered by balloon or automobile.I think the only real solution to the problem that the world has ever seen is the solution that you are ruling out: religion. People can be and have been convinced that they have a responsibility to God or the gods to be considerate of their fellow humans. Without a demand for morality coming from such a higher source, why should anyone be anything but selfish?Perhaps you could create a society where doing good for others has rewards. Capitalism has been successful mostly because it rewards people for producing products and services that benefit others. The way to get rich in a capitalist system is to produce something that other people want. But it only works to the extent that other people can afford to pay for it. Perhaps a sufficiently clever person could invent a social or economic structure where you could derive some clear benefit by helping the poor. But no one has succeeded in doing that.Oh, it's easy enough to say, Why can not we create a society where people get praise and honor for helping the poor, and where people are willing to sacrifice material things in exchange for this praise and honor? The reason we can not is because that's just not how real human beings work. You might as well ask, Why can not we create a society where people enjoy being poor and starving to death? That's probably easier to achieve

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What is the first piece of recorded history EVER?

The oldest I can think of would be the times of the Pharaohs, but it may have been even earlier when you add in early mans cave drawings. Hman

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What year in recorded history was there a month with NO FULL MOON. I think it's February 1800's?

There must be quite a few of them, since February has an average of 28.25 days, and the interval between Full Moons is 29.53 days. I would say it happens on average once every 30 years or so.

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How much of the received recorded history of world must be dismissed for evolution to work?

It works just fine without dismissing anything, and did so for many millions of years before recorded history began

Why do atheists blame religion for the 'wars' of history?

You are over-generalizing here. No sensible person, whatever his or her religious beliefs or lack thereof, blames religion for "all" the wars in recorded history. That would be idiotic, since many wars were clearly caused not by religious differences but by naked greed and desire for conquest of territory, resources and wealth, or nationalistic urges, or other non-religious ideological reasons. However, many wars and conflicts in the past clearly DID have religious origins or had religious components. That is still true today: the sectarian differences in Iraq and in Syria have a strong influence on fighting taking place there, and in Pakistan, the Christian population is being targeted. When you say "atheists say religion has caused the wars in the world..can they be more specific" , I would suggest that it is YOU who needs to be more specific.

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