Why the **** Is Xbox 360 Has 3 Red Light Problem? Its Because Its Has Suck Cooling System Than Ps3 ?

The ring of debris, you are wrong about the 60gb and elites not getting the RROD. Hop on you tube and type in "xbox elite and RROD" and see how many pop up. All xbox 360 are still at risk of RROD. Thats a fact. Quit being a fanboy yourself and making up BS. To the the question asked, the Xboxs horrible track record is the sole reason I bought a PS3. There are enough good games for me to play on the ps3 and even more coming out in the next 6 months. Plus whats the point of having a huge library of games when your console is in the repair shop 2 to 3 weeks at a time every 6 months. Whats the point when you have to worry about playing it to long afraid it will overheat. I have played my ps3 for 10 to 12 hours in one sitting many times. If you are gonna drop large amounts of cash on a new console you better be damn sure the thing isnt gonna break down after 6 months of owning it.

Why the **** Is Xbox 360 Has 3 Red Light Problem? Its Because Its Has Suck Cooling System Than Ps3 ? 1

1. How do you bleed the cooling system of a 95 Civic?

To answer your question should be bled or will have air pockets in system. Remove rad cap start car turn on heater and warm engine to normal operating temp. Should have bleeder on top of thermostat housing, crack open and watch until only coolant comes out then close and refill rad. you are done.

2. 98 Taurus cooling system overhauled; STILL overheats but NO heat INSIDE?

Could be a head gasket or cooling fan thermostat

Why the **** Is Xbox 360 Has 3 Red Light Problem? Its Because Its Has Suck Cooling System Than Ps3 ? 2


Sure the head gasket not blown? We are have more and more of those coming in. You tell easily if the system has pressure on cooling system 1 min after start-up...the tapping is kinda normal for the 3.4s have seen them do it for years.. as long as there is no milkshake for oil.

4. 1991 bmw 525i Cooling system?

They were probable going to position in a water pump,once you receive it. continually remeber,take a drill and drill 5 holes interior the thermostat.once you fill it decrease back up with coolant the holes will vent the block.

5. In Ohio is the landlord required to supply a cooling system for the building they rent out?

sue. 89 is not a reasonable temperature, esp. given that landlord knows or knew that you are running an office there. ask the court for both damages and a specified temperature that the landlord must not allow premises to exceed [in the form of a court order]. and get ready to move when lease is up -- there are lots of landlords out there looking for good tenants, so leave this guy to what he deserves -- being foreclosed on.

6. 1996 oldsmobile ciera cooling system?

You can search it up in some sites and stores around you. You can really get some sources in some good sites here. It's not that hard, but try to give it a shot in searching in for that part.

7. Question about water cooling system?

Company guaranteed for 50000 hr working of Liquid cooler works. But after that you have to change it because company does not refill liquid in the cooler

8. Has anyone had good success with a product to seal a cooling system (seal against coolant in the oil pan) ?

'Barrs Sealer' is a popular one in my area. It has been used with a fair amount of success for sealing small radiator leaks. The problem your describing sounds like a terminal one for the engine. The 400ci engines were know for cylinders cracking once they are bored(in most cases during a rebuild). Depending on how much coolant is going into your oil, you may only get a few months out of it before you start noticing a lower engine knock, especially in a colder climate area. Good luck...

9. I want to do everything I can to optimize the radiator/cooling system on my '96 CBR900RR. Any ideas?

Change antifreeze made for aluminum every couple of years. Keep the radiator clean and free of mud and dead bugs. Be careful when washing the radiator with at a high pressure car wash. If held at an angle, the water will bend the fins over. Straighten any bent fins, but be VERY careful and NEVER used anything metal. The end of a wooden clothespin or Popsicle stick works fine and wo not damage the fins or tubes.

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