Would I Have to Reapply More Heat Sink Onto My Processor Fan After Removing It Off of the Processor?

Would I have to reapply more heat sink onto my processor fan after removing it off of the processor?

Would I Have to Reapply More Heat Sink Onto My Processor Fan After Removing It Off of the Processor? 1

Ok first of all the fan that you keep referring to IS the heat sink, the only thing i could think your referring to when you say heat sink is thermal compound. now this depends because some heat sinks already have thermal compound on them, some do not . if it does not then PUT SOME ON. IMO research more about building a computer before you carry on with that build.

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Can someone please tell me why my computer keeps shutting off !!!!!!???

I suspect that the problem is either overheating or a power supply. You state it is not overheating. I suggest you firmly evaluate heating first as follows: Turn the pc off for at least 4 hours, then turn it on and measure the time it takes to shut off. Manually restart it right after shut down and measure the time it takes to shut off. If the time it takes to shut off after initial shut off is very short (e.g. 30 minutes for the first shut down, 1.2 minutes for the second) , I suspect the problem is heat. You must measure the time it takes, do not rely on feelings or suspicion. Make sure you address the heat dissipation issues if you observe the above described behavior. Assuming that the behavior does not suggest heat problem, you must check the power supply in a more rigorous manner. If the 5 v dc side is live, indicator lights go on even if the 12 v dc side of the power supply is intermittant or fails after initial start up. This can be harder to verify and I do not recommend you do this unless you know how to use and have had experience in measuring live voltages with a volt meter. If you know how to do this and have done it before you know how to address this. If you either do not know how or have not done it before, this is not the time to master this skill - get someone else to do it. Being this is a lap top it is a lot harder to troubleshoot than a desk top but these are the steps you should investigate. Finally if it is neither of these, you may well have a problem with the mother board and fixing this is too costly to do.

Would I Have to Reapply More Heat Sink Onto My Processor Fan After Removing It Off of the Processor? 2

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Laptop is REALLY hot on bottom?

If it has only recently been getting hot and slow, it may be due to the heatsink separation from the CPU. Clean the dust off of the fan as well, and get software to control the fan speed if it still persists afterwards, and run the fan on higher rpm. EDIT: Do not go with what the other guy said. Hard drives are not what generates the most heat in a pc. It's the cpu that generates the most heat, or a dedicated GPU(is applicable), both of which would be cooled by a combination of heatsink and fan. You should never replace a hard drive unless it has too many bad sectors, clicks or just fails to maintain stored information. Try running it without the battery inserted, make sure that the cpu down clocks when maximum power is not needed. Should be an option for that in BIOS, or use third-party software.

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Which heat sink is better for the raspberry pi 3?

Copper is several times better at shifting heat than aluminium, more than 3X. Always use copper if you have it. I use a small 5V fan and a thermally triggered switch (45°) to dump air on a few small heatsinks in my RPi. The small heatsinks can never remove the heat of the chips adequately without airflow, and are only in place to expand the surface area for passing air. The switch closes the circuit at 53°, and opens again at 35°.: Google 5Pcs KSD9700 5A 250V Degrees Celsius Thermostat Control Temperature Switch R06 . You can pull 5V from near the microUSB jack, use a DMM.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 N5050, Ive had it for about two years if even that long, My warranty is up on it..Its been overheating alot lately?

As far as the battery is concerned. batteries do wear out over time and replacement is inevitable. 2-1/2 years on one batery is not too bad, I recommend getting the exact replacement for the battery from the computers manufacturers website, you will know its the right one. As far as the over heating. find a reputable computer shop in your area and have them clean it. Dust has surely found its way into the fan and heat sink preventing the propper amount of cooling (this is not a good situation too much overheating will burn up the processor and ruin the computer). At the shop if they need to they can remove the heat sink and replace the thermal grease to help restore the cooling efficiency if it needs it

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