Jasmine tea box printing process is how the tea box what to consider before printing

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-16
Now many people are in the habit of drinking tea at ordinary times, and the most popular is the green tea and jasmine tea. The next gift packaging.com/applications' target='_blank'>printing is to introduce the jasmine tea box printing process, the tea box of what problem should consider before printing? Jasmine tea box printing jasmine tea box 1, paper printing process is how to choose, including appearance material ( Special paper, leatherette paper, PU leather, coated paper, paper) 。 2, the choice of body materials ( Gray card, single white card, double white card, double copper card, single copper card, environmental protection plastic embryo, etc. ) 。 3 and production of die cutter and try and materials of beer package, after waiting for confirmation process and practices for material bulk cutting for bulk materials. 4, the assembly shop to assembly and handmade box and packing the finished products. After confirmed early draft design, proofing, is about to start production big goods, the most critical moment to each production link of mutual cooperation. Jasmine tea box of what problem should consider before printing tea caddy, the tea box packing paper, printing paper is 128 g or 157 g of coated paper, or white card, leather, gold and silver foil paper, special paper, etc. Second is conventional four-color printing, printing process, or the four color one only, etc. Three, craft tea box can bronzing, hot silver, embossing, UV, laminating, etc. Four, print the number above is the basic process of tea packaging production, custom tin box the minimum quantity of an order for more general tens of thousands of minimum, considering the economical and environmental protection, or carton is more appropriate. Five, the packaging design of tea packaging design different consumers different because of the age, level of education, income, such as different in tea consumption values and life interest, aesthetic idea, and consumption mode can make a big difference. Before printing tea caddy, must want to consider packaging design, printing paper and printing quantity. Through the introduction of printing, I believe you already know how the jasmine tea box printing process.
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