Kit printing: what is the process of PCS have asked printing factory

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-15
As we all know, ordinary print, as long as they are to have a business license of the printing factories making can, but the drug as a special commodity, is related to the public's health, and not be out of the printing factories can be produced. So, everyone know how PCS printing process? PCS have asked printing factory? Here are together and see it. Kit are there any requirements printing factory PCS printing: what is the process of 1, the design scheme by the needs of customers to design, when planning, usually more attention to the association give way of box type structure, the direction of the fibre tensile, the location of the regulatory code set, etc. , in the design, as far as possible to the drug safety code to add a white background, and drug safety code around the white area of not less than 5 mm; Style close to the product demand as the core orientation, strewn at random to avoid product and marketing direction. 2, the data to the school the text on the box, size, color requires strict requirements, guarantee fonts neat, clear, do not appear blurred, cursive, such as difficult to identify the font, size is appropriate. 3, before printing control 1) Printing environment control: the need to keep clean and tidy environment, in order to achieve the medicine health management, the requirements of the relevant earnestly related environmental improvement. 2) The workbench's cleaning: ensure the table clean and tidy, no flies mosquitoes and other sundry. 4 control before printing, printing, good printing ink, ink viscosity is moderate, when printing, need to take into account the neutral color, also can appear is whether ink and paper color and effect factor, the phenomenon of this type in specialty paper and colored paper printing. 5, after printing control 1) Glazing oil control: general UV light oil selection is given priority to with moderate viscosity, try to choose on the print smoothness is good, is advantageous to the printing, but also can avoid to produce a variety of defects such as surface not smooth sag; 2) Laminating process control: printing ink after coated need effective echo in the PCS on the surface, and that it is necessary to measure thin film before, in general, the effect of tension should not be less than 38 mn/m; 3) Die-cutting creasing control: boxes of die cutting indentation technique is very important, die-cutting indentation steel knife need in strict accordance with the relevant specifications, the correct selection of height and hardness appropriate die cutting steel knife, and need to be replaced timely passivation steel knife; 4) Sticky box process control: to choose the suitable adhesive, and ensure that sufficient bonding time, in the process of corona or polishing processing, does reduce glue. Printing kit are there any requirements printing factory 'bliss' tell you, because the drug is related to people's life and health, so kit printing factory is also limited, such as the need to industrial and commercial bureau and other departments for the record, and then you can use. So, you must understand the local policy. Kit are there any requirements printing factory PCS printing and what are the requirements of 1, the kit should contain drugs on brand, namely drug makers, this will let consumers understand drugs can be rest assured to buy. 2, the production date is that consumers will see, so be sure to prominent position. Validity is also essential. 3, test code is related to the authenticity of a product, so also is indispensable. The adverse reaction of 4, products must write clear, who is not suitable for use. Attending function of 5, the product must be in a prominent position, pill boxes to do this is to prevent the consumer take the wrong medicine, eating the wrong medicine. 6, medicines, packaging and printing material must be waterproof, high temperature resistant, etc. 7, medicines, packaging and printing information handwriting must be clear on the box. PCS design should pay attention to what problem 1, determine the function of packaging packaging that exists inevitable reasons, first you need to clear custom what is the most need to direct the functional requirements of the medicine package. In the function in the process of feasibility study, be clear to the requirement of function, accurately realize the necessary function of packaging, eliminate excess function, improve the function of the lack of. 2, you first need to determine the box structure is clear, no matter whether medicine package, structure is divided into two parts, inside and outside the internal structure more focus is the use of the convenience and safety, and more emphasis on external structure is beautiful and publicity, need stylist to modify and perfect constantly. So need stylist to establish the overall idea, correctly handle products inside and outside of the structure of the organic connection. 3, determine the modelling of boxes for packaging modelling research including proportion design, linear design, etc. , proportion of the overall design wants to coordinate, has a certain aesthetic feeling; Linear design should consider to have advocate have second, style is consistent, make the person can quickly judge the attribute of detail, and know how to operate. Modelling is important to conform to the box structure, to clearly show structure and assembly relation. Perfect modelling, from the structure is a mere skeleton, meaningless.
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