Know advertising brochures printing need to pay attention to what?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-25
Now many people know that album printing promotional effect. Enterprise basic shops will make brochures to promote their products, the propaganda effect is very good. Then you know advertising brochures printing need to pay attention to what, let gift printing tell you. Tissue paper printing a thin piece of difficult match, below 80 g for tissue paper, thin sheets of paper in printing easy to walk a wrinkle, require machine speed slow, properly regulate the speed of the printer when printing. Thick paper printing more than 250 grams, known as the thick paper, thick paper printing easy to walk a partial version. So-called thicker paper, had better take a slow machine running at the same time when printed big suction machine is transferred to the appropriate suction air volume, according to the condition of the real debugging. Thick paper printing press loss compare with big, operators must best tracking check, according to the detailed situation of the consumption practices give appropriate disposal, prevent the formation of don't want to loss. Advertising materials printing printing ink printing machine speed through faster, ink wet and heavy print piled up, this will cause natural reproduction, offset printing ink soak, ghosting, dieyin, skater will form a sliding seal picture, and spreading version printed picture also compare serious, all present achievements above is rare, it is easy to handle, can prevent completely. Plate debug key operators compare, distracted by careful operation carefully, make sure to send paper department push board, the strength of the equilibrium and board manufacturing, disassembly and correction is the key, locate layout, try to meet the needs and conjunction plate various conditions. Gao Mingxi plate, first prepared task, all preparation ready, for example: select printing materials, all kinds of data, verify the printer ink roller ink layer control, the movement of the roller pressure, the speed of printing machine, etc. To synchronize to stop, in order to ensure the quality of printed matter. Color correction batch colorless difference, printing ink requires color pure and bright picture is light quality, but that some achievements and the quality of the paper have some correlation, high quality paper printed images more bright light mass, and ink contains amount of chemical composition, it will happen in a different environment of different chemical reactions, for example: moisture, temperature, high pressure, etc. Advertising materials printing printing press strength most avoid is super thick paper printing and printing, the printing press loss control bad also, biggest ideal encountered in more than 350 grams of paper printing, many printers are not willing to take a single, also with bad printing real control. We know that album printing, corrugated board is a printing press the paper guide roller, printing roller is passed to the slot of molding, cardboard in the process of passing by the roller pressure, the sense of nature attack the different levels of change, will affect the strength of the album, so when meeting this kind of print, in the process of operation reliable operation measures must be taken to alleviate the negative effect and influence. Prepress trial version is not officially printed in before, must pass a sequence, the most important common indirect advertising company or manufacturer to cooperate with color version, otherwise, the operator must be adhered to the specification of color printed, after repeated correction, confirm and print version didn't favour talents in printing. Sequence task load side, after the film, indentation, binding is fastidious, any order after a task is very important, you can imagine, this time the effect completely, however, has said, even when you are good at the back of the task is, the front one not careful will cause partial tasks are in vain, and so every working procedure should be done nuanced. Small make up think pay attention to the above points, believe that the quality of printed brochures will pretty good oh, are you interested in a try? Above is a heaven-sent printing on advertising materials need to pay attention to the content of the related introduction.
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