Lai mountain fire workshop, between 40 cardboard-box factory workers in a blaze of single

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-15
Yesterday at 1 PM, a fire suddenly hit at the beginning of cigarette machine laishan district home solution home village carton printing and packaging plant, between 40 to 2000 square meters workshop all reduced to ashes, the accident is under investigation. The day when we went into the fire scene, can see the whole brick structure factory building of the collapse of the roof has been basically, only the columns, not collapse of wall body is burn and blackened by fire. The ground with the collapse of the wasteland, charred beams, ash of burned carton, etc. , in all kinds of processing machine of the plant has been to serious deformation. When a fire, live in a couple of kilometers on the villagers saw flames, the smoke around the factory. A worker immediately after a fire, a cardboard-box factory and make a 119 call, but because of the fire fierce, workshop of the ceiling is the fire melt as a group, the window all blowout, glass pieces splash around, smoke and flame in the wind, twisting, m away or feel heat from the fire. Even after the flame was extinguished all, can still feel hot in the workshop, there was a strong burning smell in the air. The seven or eight workers are sitting together, at a loss. Among them, the three crew members are finishing some delivery documents. 'These are we risked their lives to rob, but most were burned. 'A worker said the documents were destroyed, some customers business information will be severely affected, there are two workers, said the company they are from different places, year end will come, head of the part of the payment for goods is not available, now the factory was burned down, I do not know when to start, this a fire, is undoubtedly worse.
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