Live web celebrity with agricultural products, let more people fall in love with the old taste

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-05
Last year, web celebrity jia-qi li for reasonable & other; Small lu ji & throughout; Gas power series, led by the prince in the lipstick, took just five minutes, 3. 50000 only reasonable was snapped up. At the same time, during the double tenth of a reasonable and five fang zhai, white rabbit, rice fragrant village, such as old, joint bi li bi li video launched a kingdom of two dimensional tidal activity, for the flow of young brand to introduce more. Products to meet the demand of young consumers, not only achieved 300% sales growth, also let more consumers to know the reasonable. Let young people know more about old, fall in love with the old taste. Gift packing also reasonable for the production of many enterprises to make reasonable tin box packing, the' target='_blank'>carton packaging, gift box packaging, see hometown specialty can have such result, divine person is also very proud.
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