Look from the product packaging of shandong economic recovery

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-01
Gift packaging is a shandong has nearly 20 years experience in customized processing tin box packing factory, mainly engaged in high-grade paper box and packing design and production of tin box. During outbreaks, product orders fell a lot, this time on business productivity decline. In may, as the national economic policy support and preferential policies of the company itself, orders gradually pick up. After entering in June, significantly enhance tin box orders, shipments. ▼ recently, health care products, food manufacturers start to the second half of the product sales customization tin box packaging, gift packaging tin box workshop director doing mold measurement, completes the quality guarantee of the first level for the customer. From the orders of gift packaging and delivery rate showed a trend of steady rise of the productivity, especially & other; Squatter communities throughout the &; The rise of small orders. So from the packaging industry to a snapshot of the shandong economy is recovering.
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