Mask brand brand planning how to do

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-09
With the improvement of living standards, people has higher requirement for beauty, mask as a simple and effective way of beauty, was welcomed by more and more people, the demand of the mask is becoming more and more big. With the development of science and technology, mask from the raw material and packaging technology, great changes have taken place. The entire film of face of the market in our country is still in a fledgling, rapid development stage, but at this stage because the industry low barriers to entry, competitive manufacturers and brand is numerous, leads to a slightly chaotic situation, plus some bad vendors and inferior products harm to consumers of exposure, resulting in the mask to market a 'premature' phenomenon. Yu learned that primus industry market research center in the mask category rapid rise of the moment, the quality and safety of complicated problems once again become a mask enterprise, may even trigger a new round of market reshuffle. Brand planning priority is to based on the comprehensive and scientific brand research and diagnosis, enrich differentiation, clear, easy to perceive, inclusive and touches infection consumer brand core value in the heart of the world; Planning for the center with the core value of brand identity system, basic recognition and extension is the core value of specific and vivid, the brand recognition and corporate marketing communications activities of docking operable. To a complete understanding of brand assets, thoroughly understand the indicators such as brand equity awareness, recognition, brand association, premium quality ability, the connotation of brand loyalty and the relationship between each other. On this basis, according to the reality of the enterprise to develop brand construction to achieve the brand assets, make the job of brand creation of enterprise has a clear direction and achieve the target and reduce unnecessary waste. Second, shenzhen printing think in brand under the principles of the constitution, the target around brand assets, creative planning of low-cost marketing communications strategy of enhance the brand assets. At the same time, to constantly check target completion of brand assets promotion, adjust the brand assets construction target and strategy. From the perspective of the subdivision of mask consumer crowd, the mask of people targeted will be stronger and stronger, in addition to appear for different ages of consumers to use facial mask, will also be conducted on gender segmentation, men's mask will gradually enter the market. From the perspective of the use effect of face film products, facial mask product use effect differentiation trend will be more obvious, such as the mask the effect of 'white' and 'water' will still is the mainstream of the market demand. As consumers from the headed by computer radiation source, has the good 'remove' and 'carry bright color of skin' effect of the mask will become a hot market demand. Yipin multi-effect multi-function class, meanwhile, face will be more and more welcomed by the market.
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