Mask packaging printing material how to choose? Excitation convex box printing process is introduced

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-09
Everybody when doing the mask packaging printing, is the need to choose the use of material, so the mask box printing material how to choose? Excitation convex box printing process is what? Gift printing today about the detailed introduction for friends, under these problems. Mask packaging printing mask packaging printing material selection and process introduces the mask has become the necessities of the girls, every girl will not lack of facial mask at home. Mask packaging printing also closely watched because of the mask of terror sales, how to save costs without lowering the grade of the mask. The lowest cost of box will number card box, transport and folding. To mask the high sales of products at a lower price, very suitable widely popular. High-grade mask packaging printing box to make it look tend to use gold and silver cardboard or other special paper, is the most commonly used silver pearl paper or paperboard. Can not only in the above printing, also can improve the effect of the printed well. Most mask box surface will increase a lot of process, to improve the effect with the manual. Such as uv can increase content of brightness, bronzing can make the logo more eye-catching, reverse the uv is able to enhance the overall feel of the box. Mask packaging printing usually chooses more than 350 g of material, so that the box won't be too soft without sense. The other some customers will be on the box bei out some peculiar modelling, to increase the attraction of the box, this process is called die cutting. Mask packaging printing excitation convex technology introduction and analysis of shock convex technology in printing industry is one of the more mature technology, can use general notebook brochures, and so on. Of course in the field of packaging printing is also useful to the convex technique, but with the usual excitation convex are quite different. Whether it's the cover of the album or notebook paper are relatively thin, the usual excitation letterpress can shock convex. But after packaging printing package for grey board is very thick, normal shock convex, it is hard to make it effect. Ways to packaging printing plant also thought a lot, such as convex paper, only the picture album cover common way of hot stamping. But once the face paper to grey board, in the once bubble machine and excitation convex planish, seems have no effect to the naked eye. But some customers ask, why the excitation convex wine box are so obvious? Here will be with you said another shock convex, wine box in front of the paper is in shock after the convex coated with padding, where dents and package into box. Such shock stick out of the effect is very good, looks very saturated. There are grey board thinner box, the COINS can be directly mounted on the convex, also more obvious. But the demand is higher, general packaging printing plant can do. So most of the manufacturers is not recommended to do shock convex box, if it is required to do very fancy can shock convex. Mask packaging printing packaging printing what are common defects first packaging printing is one of the drawbacks of the most taboo color difference; Every company has its own logo and logo color, the design of the packaging are generally based on color logo to design. Color difference will be seriously affected brand marketing force, this is every customer can't accept. Followed by the packaging printing work part, such as the box highland, it is also very serious flaws. Serious word will seriously affect the beautiful with experience, even slight customer experience is not good. This is typically the case caused by the v groove v on the first. Manual part of the common defects are respectively have bubbles, glue, scratches, slanting, leakage grey board and so on, these are also often appear when printed manual packaging defects. Through the above content, we have seen the mask box printing material situation, when doing the mask packaging printing, it is very important to choose the right materials and process, and the specific printing can seek advice.
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