Moon cake gift box | custom processing plant what gift box production process, you know?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-03
Gift box generally consists of the gift bag, paper box, inside box, gift box of the craft that have? Gift packaging small make up today introduce: 1, the choice of paper bag, include the material of paper and printing process. The choice of 2, inside box material ( Cardboard, corrugated paper, built-in protection) 。 3, print production samples ( Try making die cutter, process validation and product color package) , after being confirmed for mass customization. 4, production spot check every working procedure in the process of testing to ensure the quality of production. Gift box printing process common have hot stamping ( The silver) , flocking, laminating, etc, the customer according to the positioning of their products to customize packaging, gift packaging also can give you professional custom views.
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