Near printing packaging plant, which is the good service purpose, management idea is advanced?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-10
Said to the manufacturer that you will not strange, after all, there are a lot of things in our daily life need use printing and packaging, the modern printing factory equipment, advanced printed product quality is guaranteed, the following let's know about the relevant information on printing and packaging plant near it. Printing and packaging plant a, near the service tenet. We adhere to quality guarantee, credit guarantee, service guarantee, guarantee efficiency, customer first, the customers with perfect service is on the shop for themselves a good road 'for the purpose, won the broad masses of old and new customers the trust and support. For more than ten years 'divine printing' is to print high quality, high technology, to constantly improve themselves in advancing, forge ahead, and tireless to learn advanced technology, updated production equipment, improve the technology content, in the fierce peer competition, become a printing of a dazzling new 'star' is deep the customer high praise. Second, the business concept is introduced. After years of efforts and development, has now developed into a design, plate making, printing, after in a body's modernized and comprehensive enterprise. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the 'quality first, service first-class, customer first, keeping pace with The Times' business philosophy, with first-class design as the guide, depending on the technology of advanced equipment, with exquisite printing quality, quick and thoughtful service, foothold and rapidly in the industry won a good reputation and word-of-mouth. Printing and packaging plant near three, gift printing packaging plant data is introduced. Divine printing co. , LTD. Is a professional company engaged in design and production of print a, set prepress production, monochrome printing, color printing, postpress as one of the modern enterprise. Apple computer company design department now has a dozen PC can provide creative graphic design and production services for customers. Printing department now has a new Heidelberg, Germany CP2000 four-color folio printing presses, Japan Roland quarto four-color printing presses, Heidelberg, Germany GT052 - 4 four open two-color printing presses, Heidelberg GTO6 with marking monochromatic offset press, Taiwan trademark printing press and post-press packaging starr folding machine, high-speed ashtar sewing machine, gluing machine, beer machine, bronzing machine, and has fine late binding capacity, postpress hand service. Near the above information is about the content of the printing and packaging plant, although now in the market for packaging and printing companies has a lot of, but many of the equipment is old, so the product quality is not guaranteed, we in the choice must know first.
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