One of the five carton machinery knowledge

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-19
Carton machinery has been used by many carton manufacturers, its high efficiency, easy operation, automatic and intelligent is recognised by the carton manufacturing industry. To perform basic carton machinery maintenance should also be strengthened. Carton production well, the most important is also inseparable from the carton machinery. Printing of carton machinery equipment in everyday use, will produce inevitable wear, appear such mechanical type of wear and tear, to regularly check personnel to maintain, not timely repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment, time grew, slight wear in the process of production, increase gradually, finally will be serious mechanical damage problem, so, carton machinery and equipment maintenance problems is also key, cannot be ignored, no regular maintenance, it is difficult to the production run smoothly. We will carton equipment maintenance summarized as the following five o 'clock, as long as you implement can the normal use of carton equipment on a regular basis. One, check the stove to see if carton equipment stove smoke leakage, if discover the smoke leakage, deal with cylinder block of cigarette, stoves and chimney for inspection, found the damage should be timely repair and replacement. Carton electric models should check all the electricity heat pipe is damaged, have damaged should be replaced. Second, replacement lubricating oil to replace the cartons of worm gear and worm reducer box lubricating oil of mechanical equipment, lubricating oil can choose 10, 20 or 30 oil. Remove all the dirt on the surface of the friction, especially for the chain and sprocket for cleaning, filling grease. If the chain too loose, can first remove the sections take method to adjust, if has severely stretched, it should be replaced. Three, bearing unpick and wash to unpick and wash all the rolling bearing, and infuse new grease, sodium calcium base grease can be used. Carton unpick and wash, the equipment should be operated by clear equipment structure of personnel, and assembled according to the requirement. Four, the assembly parts after repair for the unit operation, boot operation, observe whether machine is normal. Appropriate heating roller, and a small amount of carton packaging machinery for oil, make its melting covering the surface of cylinder body, and then cut off all the power. When necessary for carton machinery repair spray paint machine appearance, with plastic cover after dry, dry place. Remove all the dirt on the surface of the friction, especially for the chain and sprocket for cleaning, filling grease. Five, the related equipment maintenance and maintenance repair maintenance carton to certain technical personnel for maintenance and repair, ensure the quality of carton machinery in use, and performance. When using carton machinery according to certain way and the principle, and according to relevant requirements of the equipment for maintenance and maintenance, solve the problem of different fault in time.
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