Online shopping to promote the technology content of carton, the packing industry ushered in the great opportunity

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-17
Cardboard-box factory carton machinery products to achieve standardization, seriation, many varieties, more than base material, multi-purpose what is fair, this is the carton industry '15' period of the development trend and important goals. To achieve these goals the carton industry technology equipment modification is a important aspect, will provide opportunities for carton machinery enterprises. In economically developed areas, small and medium-sized enterprises are in after the reform and strengthen processing equipment, remove the original processing board of small equipment, according to the market portfolio after reconfiguration and strengthening processing equipment, fundamentally break 'instead of', 'conveniently small' backward mode, make the carton quality improving. According to the China paper association released the annual report on China's paper industry 2009, Chinese corrugated carton industry in recent years, the average annual growth rate of 18% - 20%. At present, China is already the world's first production country corrugated paperboard. At the same time, the packaging industry is no longer a single manufacturing industry, but gradually become a manufacturing and services of both 'sunrise industry'. Sell a year on November 11, 10 million carton, taobao mall and taobao total turnover reached 5. 2 billion, a electrical contractor 'myth'. With the development of e-commerce, a large network of small and medium-sized sellers, and e-commerce link goods delivery, the carton packaging put forward such as logistics demand. Light path flagship store the shopkeeper Joyce Xing said, since he from starting a business college in recent years, it was online a few years of rapid development, the company's business is growing constantly doubled, yuhang district now have three contract, 'a rough estimate, so far this year have been sold more than 1000 carton, six or seven times that of last year. 'Online shopping to promote the technology content of carton consumption demand growth is an increase in corrugated carton production directly. Corrugated board is made up of paper, in the paper, core paper and processed into corrugated corrugated core paper by adhesion formation. According to the demand of commodity packaging, corrugated board can be made into single layer, three, five, seven, nine layers of corrugated cardboard, and then after printing, slitting, or die cutting form the cartons. According to the China paper association released the annual report on China's paper industry 2009, Chinese corrugated carton industry in recent years, the average annual growth rate of 18% - 20%. The authority of China packaging industry experts, China packaging federation vice-chairman, packaging technology association of zhejiang province Zhang Yaoquan said that in 2010, the national packaging industry output value of more than 12000 one hundred million yuan, including paper output value of more than 4000 one hundred million yuan, the corrugated paper production line a total of more than 4500, annual production of more than 400 square meters, is the world's first production country. In the rapid increase of output and consumption at the same time, the corrugated corrugated carton, is becoming more and more 'fine'. 'Traditional corrugated type A, B, C, D, is mainly used for high strength requirement of the cartons. In recent years, has appeared on the market type E, F, G corrugated board. Type micro corrugated board has caused the industry more and more attention. 'Zhang Yaoquan said,' fine corrugated carton more save materials, buffering force stronger, lighter weight, better able to protect goods, at the same time also can reduce the packaging cost and logistics cost, has already started to replace the white cardboard, traditional fiber material such as cardboard. 'Shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory is located in baiyun district in shenzhen city yongxing industrial zone ( Wide all the way from) , a new layer 2 workshop, covering an area of more than 6000 square meters, has high technical staff of more than 20, production workers hundreds of main business: professional production of various kinds of carton, paper box, leather box, type B, type C wave corrugated paper, three layers ( Single hole) , five layer ( The double pit) , seven layer corrugated cardboard, bead board, knife CARDS, environmental protection plate, K, A paper, B, C, 3 paper, all kinds of low and medium upscale carton or special cartons.
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