Order delivery carton, express how to identify the quality of the carton material?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-13
Express carton packaging application in the medicine cabinet, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, taobao express box, corrugated carton used paper, carton production process, considering ordering delivery cartons for corrugated paper and corrugated or 3 5 layer 7 layer, do a few color printing, sticky box or nail box, baling, carton processing forming. So order delivery carton how to identify the cartons material ok or not? The cardboard-box factory in shenzhen, baiyun cardboard-box factory will tell you when buy recognition carton material is good three key words first if there is a smelly smell the paper, if you have, paper source and physical index will be less. Second, touch express carton is very soft, if soft, collapse and corrugated tile, corrugated shape, the material will be less. Third, paper folding box, folded several times, if the carton board fracture, paper material is poor. In addition, the carton material discern know pay attention to some key words: carton compressive strength and resistance to puncture and folding. First, the material is poor carton part of the paper there is peculiar smell, off powder ( Slag) Situation. Second, compressive strength and carton stack height daily transportation, paper, material is made of carton against pressure will be high, carton plant collapse cases risk is low, the material is poor, can produce flat box. Third, puncture resistant, carton is protect implants from damage, the paper material, high resistance to break, the cardboard is not easy to puncture, in other words, touching the sharp objects, or outside force bump carton is not easy to destroy, transport more effectively protect the security of the products. Fourth, the paper material is poor, cardboard fold can appear a few critical lines, broken, paper material, folding more frequently.
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