Order delivery carton need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-14
Carton packaging as an indispensable part of modern logistics, bear the important responsibility of RongZhuang, protection products, beautiful, and the physical properties of the packaging carton index became the basis of its quality evaluation. Stable work environment conditions to ensure the veracity and reliability of the test data, and has many years engaged in carton testing professional senior engineer, test analysis was carried out on the packaging, the packaging test analysis, and suppliers of packaging boxes provide impartial and scientific test data. TTS( 1 test) Also for many famous enterprises provide material supplier selection, bid evaluation and other projects. Carton ( English carton or hard paper case) : it is the most wide range of packaging products, according to different materials, such as corrugated carton, single layer carton, with various specifications and models. Carton commonly used three layer, five layer, use less, in each layer of paper, corrugated paper, core paper, glossy paper, and paper have tea plate paper, kraft paper, core paper with corrugated paper, all sorts of color and feel is different, different manufacturer production of paper ( Color, feel) Is different also. Different from large enterprises and stable logistics, small and medium-sized enterprises in the logistics can instead of the rough handling by the logistics personnel, to ensure customer delivery value, small and medium-sized electric business enterprise needs to pay more attention to express the carton quality and express the protection ability of the carton packaging. The small and medium-sized electric business order delivery carton need to pay attention to what issues? Corrugated carton is made use of corrugated board paper container, it has the characteristics of light weight, good structural performance. Its internal corrugated structure similar to arch structure, can have bumper damping effect, has good mechanical properties, can have many good protection function of packaging items, and easy to realize the packaging and transportation of mechanization and automation, can adapt to various types of carton packaging printing, can well solve the problem of product protection and promotion, has long been a electricity sellers of choice. The Courier had three carton layer and five layer two categories. Three layers into A type B type and E type, material thickness is 4, respectively. 5 mm, 3 mm, 1. 5 mm. Type A highest compressive strength, but vulnerable to damage, flexible and buffer, used for outer carton, case board. Type B strength is poorer, but the stability is good, smooth surface, high surface pressure, suitable for printing, used for paper box, box, grid plate, lining. E thin, dense, light and good buffer, cheaper price, the printing effect is good, only suitable for the inner packaging, fine is not suitable for packaging and buffer material. More than three layers for taobao clothing, accessories and other small objects. Five layer corrugated carton board structure is made by paper, paper, core paper and two pieces of paper and glue them into a corrugated core. General component is AB, BE tile, AE, material thickness of 7 mm respectively, 6 mm, 5 mm. Five layers for buffer is very good, high strength, hardness is hard, can have better protection, therefore used in liquid crystal display air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, computers and other high big pressure is requested.
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