Order of fruit cartons choose what kind of material is high class?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-13
Fruits are packed in cartons to low cost, show class, it is recommended to use color carton, corrugated carton printing in recent years gradually to high-grade, more color, high quality, stereo sense is strong, visual effects strongly in the direction of development, with many colour color printing network to achieve the effect of printing is beautiful, bright and true. Subject to the goods packaging alternative transport packaging. With the whiteboard cattle card replacement case board card. Make the color carton packaging has the characteristics of colorful, beautiful, luster. Select high-quality fruit cartons, suggestion from these aspects: first is color carton is hard enough, anti-throw, compressive adopts hard KK carton by compressive test, even the bad conditions, can also fell and compressive resistance! Can effectively bear fruit food logistics express the brutal distribution transit, reduce damage in the transportation and reduce the high cost of after-sales. Baiyun cardboard-box factory suggest choosing fruit cartons have pay attention to the following: color carton layers is different, the corresponding compressive resistance, buffer layers of different color carton also have three, five, seven layer, common are three and five layers in addition, the production technology of color carton is also more important, the edge of the cutting edge of imported beer machine very neatly is very beautiful. Adopting grooving machine cutting edge there will be some burrs, does not affect the use.
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