Paper box custom packaging plant | classification characteristics of carrier bags

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-02
Bag printing is widely used in advertising, clothing footwear, gifts, medicine and other fields of commodity packaging. Popular packing ordinary paper bag. This paper mostly use rotary printing, automatic production line to finish bag making, making paper bags material selection more kraft paper, paper bag specification and pattern is inflexible, its advantage is high production efficiency, suitable for mass production. Beautiful, exquisite packaging, shopping bags. This paper generally use sheet-fed printing, rely on manual or semi-automatic production, kraft paper, coated paper and paperboard is often chosen for processing paper materials. They are mostly used in high-grade goods packaging, gift bags, or advertising bags of various kinds of commercial activities. Characterized by any shapes and specifications of the paper bag production, but the process is relatively complicated, the production efficiency is low.
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