Parsing various process combined with printing technology main points

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-14
In our life to see the small box, carton products, etc. , often have various structure layout coexist. Such as printing is given priority to the layout of both to the ground, also has a checkered pattern and field, text, lines of printing layout; Both the spectral color cannot show the gold, silver, and the color, layout of the four primary colors coexist. If use the different methods of offset printing, embossed printing, printing products have the advantages of each process features, more technology combined with printing paper boxes, cartons and other packaging products, can improve the immanent quality of products. Shenzhen printing below small make up come together to explore the main technical points of combining a variety of printing. A good printing environment, pay attention to good control of the temperature and humidity control printing workshop of temperature and humidity is an important part of improving product overprint precision, offset printing and embossed workshop of temperature and humidity should be keep relative balance, cannot exist larger height disparity condition, otherwise, easy to cause misregister phenomenon. Second, control the prepress design technology field layout should avoid embossed with a color version of the spell small Yin line and text, in order to avoid because of pressure, ink unable to fully take into account, prone to paste version and pressure uneven phenomenon, influence the printing quality of the products. Plastic letterpress face with overprint parts should try to distance, make the overprint pages around the gap edge to leaving or light color board edge expanding, so slight misregister, imperceptible to the naked eye. Third, pay attention to the reasonable choice offset printing PS version has a thin plate, plate installed on the roller surface, the Angle is small, the plate of the elongation is small, and it can have maintained close contact with the drum, is beneficial to improve the overprint precision plastic convex products, so the offset printing process should choose PS version for printing. Four, completes the puzzle process technology with overprint control layout part should be spelled as far as possible in near the bite and the gauge ( Side gauge) Place, scale changes, in order to avoid the paper misregister phenomenon. In addition, the layout of 'river' larger or more space in the areas of tinted, unfavorable for respectively by two kinds of process to overprint. 5, pay attention to the good ink balance technology control off good ink balance, offset printing process control is to be in as far as possible little education version fluid supply, under the condition of balance of ink in printing. Should avoid to use 'water ink also big' abnormal balance method of printing, in order to prevent the deformation by paper bibulous too much. Six plate, noted tap technology control of small specifications of packaging products often use four open or split letterpress printing machine on the structure of the pressing circle printing, the plate how to tap material properties, effect of the printing pressure, the overprint precision and ink quality etc have larger impact. Traditional wooden tap, material due to solid, is degrees, smoothness and stability is poor, prone to deformation of the bow and case, print quality is difficult to guarantee. So, letterpress printing should be solid, smooth, founder, stability good aluminum or cast iron magnetic version of metallicity materials such as tap, it is foundation to improve the quality of the alignment of the product and ink. Seven, pay attention to mastering the overprint products production cycle when the print color before or after a few color printing, can carry on the overprint overprint of immediately, lest make print appear scale variation with time delay too long, lead to misregister. Eight, pay attention to the protection of semi-finished products printing the semi-finished products after printing, plastic film should be adopted to seal up the products, to prevent the cardboard absorbs moisture outside air or water loss, in order to avoid or reduce the variation of semi-finished products appear telescopic undesirable phenomenon. Above is the small make up to introduce a variety of crafts with printing techniques, we can simply look at. In addition, want to learn more knowledge about packaging printing, welcome to visit shenzhen site dynamic, you will be receiving!
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