Pictorial printing picture how much would need to know how many resolution everyone for the album

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-10-01
Album is a very common in our lives a kind of enterprise publicity materials, many will use picture album to ask people to express their enterprise products and business philosophy. So, how much everyone for brochures and understand? Such as pictorial printing pictures how much resolution? Pictorial printing picture how much resolution 1, the meaning of the picture album printing pictorial printing ( 图形打印) Is is given priority to with pictures and a small amount of text display of books and periodicals printing. Album is basically a coated paper printing, specialty paper and the cover, inside pages of the coated paper brochures, there are all adopt the special paper printing brochures. Traditional printing mainly has seven steps, the network printing is convenient and quick, become a printing enterprise LTD. 2 printing pictures how much resolution picture album, album, from the function classification is mainly enterprise propaganda picture album, product brochures, institution and individual propaganda album. Is a comprehensive display image is the important way of enterprise unit or individual itself. Especially in the corporate image promotion and product sales, branding plays an increasingly important role. Through the elegant propaganda album show in front of your target consumer groups. Is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of enterprise and brand. Commonly used for coated paper/dumb powder paper, size 16 k ( 210*285mm) ; Is 16 k ( 185*260mm) ; 32 ( 210*140mm) The more. Image format is best more than 300 dpi resolution, pattern using CMYK. Pictorial printing pictures how much resolution 3, pictorial printing choose their god-given gift printing color pages, brochures, desk calendar, calendars, documents. , our company is a set design, printing, packaging as one of the best printing and packaging of private enterprises. Pictorial printing pictures how much resolution? You can obtain relevant answers from above, believe that after reading this article, in pictorial printing pictures also have a more comprehensive understanding.
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