Picture album sample what is the method of printing brochures sample printing and what are the process

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-29
Before mass printing brochures, usually require printing enterprise to print some samples of picture first. Gift printing is to introduce the next album sample what is the method of printing, album samples printing and what are the process? Printing 1 album sample. First selection of packing style, art design, the design of the commonly used software such as PS, CDR, AI design style design, etc. 2. Selection of process scheme, printing and packaging method are many, the use of traditional printing methods mainly include four categories: the first kind of relief, the second category of lithographic, third class digital thermal transfer, the fourth class. 3. Under the chosen process requires the modulation inspection of the machine. Check plate machine inspection: category, color, thickness, etc. Printing pressure debugging according to the technology and materials parameters, choose the right roller bag lining and make the printing pressure conforms to printing quality process and quality requirements. Printing 4 picture sample. Need to use paper to test, tests before printing graphic and toning problem and so on, convenient manipulation. According to god's printing, will need to be printed products coated in the first place, will print and plastic film after heating, pressure sticking together, make the print smooth shiny surface, so as to provide the appearance of the product quality. 5. Hot stamping relative to other processes, processing and expensive is made of gold, silver, with the aid of pressure and temperature, make the printing and hot stamping foil each other in a short period of time compression, foil according to the hot stamping foil or pigments of regional transfer printing to print on the surface of the template, because the material relationship, this kind of print is usually used in the rare gift box. 6. Printed after each batch of finished up, want to undertake maintenance operation after printing, include: ink fountain, ink roller, water roller, rubber cloth is clean and the maintenance of the machine. Through the above introduction, we already know what is the method of printing the brochures sample. Printed brochures sample of time, will abide by the above process.
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