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by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-29
In daily life, we will contact the picture album, more or less in fact every kind of album paper is not the same, you also don't know what album paper, then let gift printing introduce detailed picture for us what are the commonly used paper. Picture what are the commonly used paper what coated materials commonly used paper and coated paper, coating a layer of calcium carbonate on base paper or white clay, and the white glue has the coating, drying after calender made of advanced printing paper. Because of the delicate white, smoothness and high gloss, but also has moderate oil absorption, suitable for copper plate printing or offset printing, color or monochrome printing posters, pictures, calendar, maps and books, packaging and printing paper. It with single coated and double coated, and points in two side, no. 1, 2, 3, quantitative 80 g/square metre to 250 grams/square metre. Bond paper requires high coating strength, not powder, can be suitable for more than 60 line/cm thin screen printing. Dumb powder paper, formally known as light on watch in the sun, compared with a bond, not reflective. Printing design with it, although not on bright colors, but the design is more exquisite, than on a more upscale. Offset paper called 'woodfree printing paper, old books or paper is for the use of offset printing machine. Suitable for printing monochrome or polychromatic book covers, text, foldout, posters, maps, posters, color trademarks and all kinds of packaging products. Offset paper is divided into the monitor, no. 1 and no. 2, quantitative from 70 grams per square metre to 150 grams/square meters. Pulp has higher strength and optimum performance. Offset printing is more advanced books printing paper, contrast, have higher demand to the expansion rate and the surface strength, acid and alkali should be close to neutral or weak alkaline, lest affect printing paper, quantitative of 40 grams per square metre to 80 grams per square metre. In recent years has been successfully trial-produced the low quantitative offset newsprint and offset printing books and periodicals paper, for the use of gelatine printing paper and books. Typographic paper a kind of suitable for letterpress printing all kinds of books, stationary, the body of the paper and magazine. Quantitative is 52 g/m2 and 60 / square meters, has two kinds of paper rolls and flat paper, smoothness 30 meters, the opacity is not less than 88%. Letterpress printing paper is widely used books and periodicals paper, a bit higher than the newsprint paper smoothness, retention period is longer, but prone to dropping off powder, not suitable for printing with offset printing method. This paper writing is easy to spread. Straw board of strawboard or straw board again, it is yellow wrapping paper. It is mainly used in the packaging of goods, cartons and lining of bidding books cover. Quantitative 200 g/square metre to 860 grams/square metre. Commonly used is 420 g 8, 10, 530 g, 640 g number 12. Straw board requires quality compact, flat paper, and has certain mechanical strength and toughness. Picture what is what are the commonly used paper pictorial album is a display platform, can use the picture album design and fluent line, have personal and enterprise's style, concept, harmonious beautiful images or text, creative, appreciating, combined into a brand image with promotional products, exquisite album. Album is illustrated an ideal expression, compared with the single words or pictures, album has incomparable absolute advantage. Because the picture album smart enough, can let a person be clear at a glance, but also enough to understand, because it has a relatively concise explanations of words. Picture what is commonly used in the paper a: album generally the most commonly used pictorial printing paper: double copper paper, belongs to a kind of bond, there is a call sheet copper, also called single meal card, but which are commonly used to print bag. Double copper paper grams weighs 80 grams, 105 grams, 128 grams, 157 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams and 350 grams of double copper. 2: if the few printing pictorial P, such as 16 the following picture album, the general picture album cover 300 grams of double copper are available, and picture album inside pages 200 grams of double copper are available, and to feel this album is not too thin, too stingy. 3: if need to print brochures P number in about 20 to 40 P P, general advice album cover 300 grams of double copper are available, and picture album inside pages with 157 grams of double copper. 4: if need to print brochures P number in more than 40 P, which it can choose the picture album cover with 300 grams of double copper, picture album inside pages with 128 grams of double copper. Five: of course, if you consider the pictorial printing costs, low-cost pictorial printing prices cheaper, also can choose 250 grams when printing brochures double copper printing picture album cover, 157 grams of printing brochures inside pages or 128 grams of printing brochures inside pages. Six: double copper paper refers to the double-sided coated paper. Double-sided coated paper is a kind of coated paper, that is, double coating, both sides have good smoothness. Coated paper also includes single copper, the art of copper, copper, copper and so on. Well, watching the divine printing to introduce the picture what are commonly used in the paper, and benefit from you? If you are interested in this industry also, please look forward to our next article oh.
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