Procurement delivery carton what time to pay attention to

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-11
Procurement delivery' target='_blank'>carton, a headache thing for electrical business operator, the following _ shenzhen shenzhen a cardboard-box factory and was bestowed cardboard-box factory do a simple introduction to help you solve problems. Shenzhen procurement delivery carton, divine carton to suggest from the several aspects to consider. Everyone seems to be simple but all kinds of carton, when the custom but there are many doorways. The first carton custom is need material. Normally material with surface paper and corrugated board. And tissue, respectively, which has two kinds of white and cowhide. The corrugated board has A minus E of tile five points. And cardboard carton custom normally have single and double and three pit, the pit pit in general there are a lot of this exquisite, everybody to want to know in advance. It is easy to see that the cartons customization needs a lot of raw materials, these materials have different classification, this is also determines the carton custom character and style of the most important factors, so everyone in the carton is custom must understand this. First is carton is hard enough, anti-throw, compressive adopts hard KK carton by compressive test, even the bad conditions, can also fell and compressive resistance! Can effectively under the brutal distribution logistics delivery transit, reduce damage in the transportation and reduce the high after-sales cost. Procurement delivery carton pay attention to the following layers is different, the corresponding compressive resistance, a buffer layer in different cartons have also three, five, seven layer, common are three and five layers and carton production process is more important, the edge of the cutting edge of imported beer machine very neatly is very beautiful. Adopting grooving machine cutting edge there will be some burrs, does not affect the use. Shenzhen bliss cardboard-box factory is a manufacturer of inside and outside packing carton, provide special carton, color box, box, beer boxes, large packaging products, such as purchasing the carton, custom express delivery to shenzhen, bestowed a cardboard-box factory and contact phone number: 18820947354.
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