Professional carton customized processing plants introduced electric business express how to select the right carton packaging?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-07-26
1. Stare blankly cardboard corrugated carton model points three and five layers of two categories. Three layers into A type B type and E type, material thickness is 4, respectively. 5 mm, 3 mm, 1. 5 mm. Type A highest compressive strength, but vulnerable to damage, flexible and buffer, used for outer carton, case board. Type B strength is poorer, but the stability is good, smooth surface, high surface pressure, suitable for printing, used for paper box, box, grid plate, lining. E thin, dense, light and good buffer, cheaper price, the printing effect is good, only suitable for the inner packaging, fine is not suitable for packaging and buffer material. More than three layers for taobao clothing, accessories and other small objects. Five layer corrugated carton board structure is made by paper, paper, core paper and two pieces of paper and glue them into a corrugated core. General component is AB, BE tile, AE, material thickness of 7 mm respectively, 6 mm, 5 mm. Five layers for buffer is very good, high strength, hardness is hard, can have better protection, used in liquid crystal display air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, computers and other high big pressure is requested. High corrugated type, according to stare blankly is divided into A, B, C, E, four categories, different have different mechanical properties of the corrugated cardboard. Type A corrugated board the plane of the highest pressure, the compressive strength is larger, type B, on the other hand, C type parallel to the plane stress, the vertical pressure, pressure gentle momentum are better; Corrugated board thickness, type A, C, B type again, E minimum, due to the small thickness of the cardboard processing bending easier, therefore, B type corrugated paper is widely used in low requirements on the compression strength of box packing box. According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated board, single-sided corrugated carton for good with A or C, double corrugated carton with A, B or B, C type combined advisable, close to the surface with type B, can have impact resistant effect. A, B or B, C, the combination of physical and mechanical properties can improve the carton; The comparison, from the printing eligibility type B and C are good for printing. 2. Corrugated carton box in the premise of guarantee the quality of carton, should try to cut down the cost of carton processing materials and packaging. For example. Volume the same carton, using long, wide, high for 2:1:2 most material, proportion is: when the cost of material. Therefore, we should try to avoid using a square box. Had to take care of to the product utilization of tank, tank for truck, train car capacity utilization and storage of smoke when stacking stability. Gift packaging, professional custom carton packaging of 20 years. Business:
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