Professional carton packaging plant | of water-based ink printing quality of the products? Environmental protection?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-07-27
Gift packaging now use paper carton printing machine for intelligent four-color ink printing press, the use water-based ink printing what are the characteristics? Water-based ink, Water - -based ink, water-based ink for ink, water-based flexographic ink, also known as liquid inks, it is mainly composed of water soluble resin, organic pigments, solvents and related auxiliary by the composite grinding processing. Water-based ink is particularly suited to cigarettes, alcohol, food, beverage, medicine, children's toys and other health conditions require strict packaging and printing products. Water-based ink is made up of aqueous polymer emulsion, organic pigment, resin, surfactant and related additives by chemical process and physical mixture of water-based printing inks, since it is water instead of traditional ink accounted for 30% ~ 70% of the toxic organic solvent, not contain volatile organic solvents in the ink, therefore, in the printing process had no adverse effect on health of workers, the atmospheric environment is free from contamination, also eliminates the hidden danger of flammable and explosive workplace improves security. At the same time, by contrast, the use of water-based ink cost than the cost of solvent-based inks use saves about 30%. The unique advantages of the ink in line with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, on a global scale is more and more get the favour of packaging and printing industry, and gradually expand to the newspaper printing industry rapidly. Gift packaging orders welcome new and old customers to come to consult.
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