Red wine packaging and printing of brand meaning

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-23
The wine industry has entered a golden development, red wine company in the operation of the brand and marketing become more mature. Brand building, in wine packaging design is very important, on the one hand reflects the brand recognition, and product positioning. Another aspect is reflected in a good packaging and printing to increase the added value of products has importance meaning. Based on consumer cultivation industry, the future development trend is constantly improving product structure, high-end brand construction, channel diversification, market competition tends to be mature, to promote industry into a robust high-growth period. In the brand, region and channel from three aspects, the imported wine and domestic wine has its own improvement of weakness.

yesterday, 'youth environmental supervision' green cleaning action launched in Beijing, this is also our country the first environmental protection campaign, sponsored by environment and life magazine and the activity of support and response by many teenagers, Beijing environmental protection volunteers with hundreds of primary and middle schools, shopping malls and supermarkets have entered the community, to observe and experience to understand the status of the environmental protection around, called on everyone to participate in environmental protection activities. Said many volunteers hope to have more similar activities, everyone together action, can arouse people's environmental protection consciousness, but also exercise the adolescents contact social opportunity, can make more friends, early understanding of the society, the construction of social responsibility, green, environmental protection, health, have you have I have you.
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