Science and technology product packaging printing process? Packaging printing process

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-24
Everyone before making a technology product packaging printing, need to first understand the printing process, so technology product packaging printing process is what? What packaging printing process? Gift printing today about the detailed introduction for friends, under these problems. Product packaging products packaging printing technology printing process do you know how much 1, luster and processing. Shiny technology not only can decorate print so that beautiful and delicate, but also gives the print marketing function. Waterproof moisture-proof packaging printing can help products, increase product solid degrees, at the same time, also can protect the product packaging graphic, etc. , many packaging users can use lighting technology to strengthen the brand image. Some new luck uv glazing as packaging printing plant, but mixed ink online uv glazing technology and backlight for the development of new technology of local uv glazing. 2, Mosaic processing. According to the mo drew apart, in the form of a flat die and die. Flat pressing type can be used in the case of a variety of needs, can be continuous fast, can also use the hand to continue the semi-automatic type of paper, have been used in all walks of life. The packing of the domestic processing occupies the main position in the market. In the field of pipe and other high-end, wired garden round copy application has considerable scale, use less round flatten copy process, mainly on the large size products used for the copy. With the progress of technology, magnetic mold, new module technologies such as digital module developed gradually. 3, the printing technology. Firing process is divided into hot fire and cold hardening, concave and convex fire, holographic fire. Burning hot seal according to the electrochemical aluminum material is divided into ordinary electrochemical aluminum fire, holographic electrification fire. Improve the performance of thermal sintering foil chemical, greatly improve the sintering speed. 4, mixed ink. In optical sclerosis, oxidative polymerization drying positively, effectively enhance the ink surface and uv light oil of multiplication effect. In the opposite direction of the light using traditional way of glazing glazing locally, with local gloss printing, finally realize local images and high contrast. Product packaging printing production of science and technology seven big process in detail, good packaging needs originality, design, original design manuscript is expected effect of a draft after printing. Including the very specific text, graphics, color and other elements in the design of the comprehensive and accurate. In the packaging design, now use computer aided design, more on various design elements and content elements precisely layout design. Lead the printing design, but also restricted by printing process, so designers need to fully understand the printing process, in order to maximize the use of printing process design, produce a good packaging design works. Second, photographic and electrical points for the design draft illustrations and photographs by photographic or electronic scanning color separation, after adjusted for printing on the computer. Electrical points is electronic color separation, is a use of modern high-tech technology, adopting photoelectric scanning method to decompose the original scan, and according to the theory of color three dimensional space and image information processing theory, USES the computer for processing, in order to get the original image information, meet all kinds of plate making and printing conditions of a color image replication technology. Color picture or color photographs, the number of colors on the picture there are thousands of kinds. For the tens of thousands of colors in a colored printing, it is almost impossible. Is used on printing four-color printing method. The original color decomposition first, divided into green, C) ), magenta ( M) , yellow, Y) , black, K) Four colored version, and then again when printing color synthesis. Three, plate-making process way with relief, gravure, offset and silk screen printing, etc. , are basically adopt the method of plate burning and corrosion for plate making. Plate-making process generally is: the original a/w - Exposure to a development flush a dry, post-processing for computer printing paste version. Design, through the computer phototypesetter electronic color separation output generated film. Film after send plate-making workshop puzzle in exposure in a variety of plate making equipment, the enhancement after washing, drying and post-processing for computer printing paste version. Different ways of printing have different requirements, the same plate making process. Four, by puzzle puzzle, all images, text, the required background, lace, etc. , according to the format design and printing conditions, spell in a split, three or four pages, and then dried into plate ( PS version) For printing. This is the purpose of the puzzle. Puzzle to work with the diversification of customers design and electronic color separation technology widely used and more complex, more onerous task. So we must attach great importance to puzzle work and promote the use of advanced methods of puzzle. Science and technology products packaging printing plate made of five, proofing, in proofing testing-run work called for proofing.
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