Section 618 shopping crazy let cardboard-box factory usher in a new era of economic growth

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-06
As a universal consuming large outbreak first, the year 618 is no longer ordinary commercial promotions, but to become the symbol of economic recovery and impetus. Zero Tmall, according to data in 18 after 1 hour, 618 big promoting turnover was up 100% from a year earlier. Jingdong, at 18, announced that its 618 total order amount has more than 239. 2 billion yuan, compared with 18 days of 201. 5 billion yuan over last year, increased 18. 7%. Millet tweeting, 6. 18, 10 hours 29 points, millet in the payment amount is more than 1 billion of the whole platform. ( Data from the network) Electric business platform of the bumper harvest this year to express delivery market steady growth at the same time, also drives the packaging and printing products usage continues to grow. That as the source of carton customized processing factory & ndash; — What gift packaging change? In June, with the increase of orders, entered the stage of high efficiency intelligent production workshop, a day of carton card of 100000 +, corrugated carton with different dimensions than more, greatly meet the demand of customer orders, especially single, temporary. The 618 digital products and home appliances as the main sales champion, gift packaging the next work will still be on home appliances boxes and all kinds of digital products packaging as the main production purposes, for the electricity business friend to do a good job of after-sale supply.
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