Several important factors about product packaging design

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-26
Customized product packaging, material, pattern design, print quality is an important part of the product packaging quality, be short of one cannot. Among them, the key pattern design, it decide whether the product can cause the attention of the customer, can let the public be familiar with the key of product brand. In product packaging design should pay attention to the following factors: 1. The pattern design should be related to the product; First when the design should be highlighted in the composition and the selling point of products, to let customers know what to do, boxes of the product is what kind of effect, used in what place. 2. According to the consumer groups to carry on the design; When do product packaging design, first of all to understand products for consumers, age, gender, etc. , according to the different consumer groups to design design and color is tie-in. In this way can we carry on objective effective sales promotion. Do product packaging, the image of final purpose is to make the product more brilliant, outstanding. Let consumers to know and familiar with the product characteristics and representative of the brand. The final products packing box, the most important point to make customers easy to use.
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