Tea packaging printing which is commonly used in paper material?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-15
Paper picking tea packaging.com/applications' target='_blank'>packaging printing is an important step in the design and production, printing factory will according to the customer request, tea boxes, packing price, usage, and to show the status of the to choose what kind of paper. Usually commonly used paper material with white board paper, gray board paper, coated paper, white cardboard, grey paper, kraft paper, craft paper, art paper, special paper, etc. Shenzhen bliss will select some paper materials below for everyone to do a simple introduction. 1, cattle paperboard: more thicker than kraft paper, can be used as a board, color is brown, commonly, of course, also have white liner cattle paperboard, one side for brown, one side for coated white. This kind of paper made tea packing box gives a person a kind of restoring ancient ways, the image of environmental protection. 2, coated paper: it is on the base paper coating a layer of white pulp, made after a calender. Is divided into single coated and double coated paper, single-side coated paper coating processing side, color printing, on the one side rubber processing, mounted on top of other board, namely we often say that the essence of framed tea boxes. Tea packaging material 3, specialty paper: also called art paper, is the need for special processing equipment and technology, processed with rich color and unique texture of paper, species are very rich, can be used as the background, the tea packaging printing for text printing. 4, white board paper, fibrous tissue is evener, surface with filler and rubber components and surface coated with a layer of paint, is produced by multiple rolling light, smooth surface, thickness and better flexibility, seldom produce powder and the phenomenon of dropping off, uniform ink absorbency, printing effect is good. Above is to introduce the printing plant in shenzhen bliss in tea packaging printing often use some paper material, if you want to know more information about printing, dynamic, welcome to the company's web site or telephone contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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