The advantages and disadvantages of coated printing process

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-28
Information: the film coating, also known as the 'film', 'model' or 'printing after model'. Is coated with the adhesive plastic film with paper print after heating, pressure, cooling process. Make prints covered a layer of 0. 012 - 0. 020 mm thick ( 1. 2 ~ 2 silk) Transparent plastic film, forming of paper-plastic print products post-press processing. 。 。 Laminating, also known as & other; Sticker & throughout; 、“ Plastic coated & throughout; Or & other After plastic printing & throughout; 。 Is coated with the adhesive plastic film with paper print after heating, pressure, cooling process. Make prints covered a layer of 0. 012 - 0. 020 mm thick ( 1. 2 ~ 2 silk) Transparent plastic film, paper plastic printing products post-press processing technology. After effect of printed matter, because the print surface is much more a layer of thin, transparent film, product appearance is bright, bright, increase the gloss. Can improve print strength, stiffness, and at the same time protect the picture, not easy to be scratched, more wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, and waterproof, anti-fouling, etc. After effect of printed matter, tensile and wet resistance has also been significantly strengthened, both to protect the appearance of the print effect, and improve the service life. The printing after effect of increased the concentration of the color and brightness, can to a certain extent, make up the print color is not saturated or designed tonal with not enough precision printing defects, etc. Effect of using Fan Guo is very broad, such as: posters, maps, all kinds of CARDS, handbags, advertising material, books and exquisite album cover, gold products, fashion consumer goods and automotive materials, exquisite calendars, pictures, etc. Plastic film laminating process, machining process by using contains chemicals such as benzene solvents, etc. , it is not in conformity with the concept of healthy environmental protection printing from pollution. After laminating process printing paper, paper is very difficult to recycle, and become a kind of similar white plastic pollution, therefore, from the perspective of the environmental protection of coated technology belongs to the environmental protection type printing technique. Designers and print providers which technology to use in the future in choosing surface finishing processing was carried out on the print, especially for foreign manufacturers design printed matter, must consider the environmental factors, because some countries have such packaging printing laminating process as not recycling and decomposition of pollutants and banned the import and use, in the international famous brand products and packaging container propaganda in print, we also more and more rare to the laminating process, instead, the polishing process. Bliss, founded in 1970, deep ploughing in the field of printing and packaging for nearly half a century, always focusing on the packing color box, carton, carton packaging, such as product customization, service home appliances, digital 3 c, logistics, transport, food, fresh agricultural products, toys, daily necessities such as tens of thousands of enterprises. Divine national contact hotline: 0769 - 83456345.
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