The advantages of the history of carton and carton

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-18
Today of economic globalization, the packing has been integrated with the product. Packaging as a way to realize the commodity value and use value, in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption, plays an extremely important role. Carton packaging directly affect the consumers to buy. Carton is to use corrugated board by printing, slitting, and nail glue manufactured products. Carton is about more than 90% recycled after use, therefore, carton is called when the course for the best environmental protection packaging materials. Corrugated board originated in Britain in 1856, Edward. Charles. Billy and Edward. Alice. Allen two people apply for and obtain the corrugated board manufacturing technology patents, marks the corrugated board technology was born. But, unlike is widely used in transport packaging, the cardboard main pits as hat absorb sweat. The corrugated paper board is used for packing material is 15 years. In 1871, the art of the United States. l George pioneered the use of no surface pits of cardboard paper, used as a buffer material, instead of grass and sawdust. In 1874, the United States, oliver. Aaron, developed the corrugated board paper above, start the packing for bottles and jars. At the same time, with the expanding of market demand and remarkable progress of mechanical manufacturing technology, around 1870, the original pit machine was manufactured. Around 1880, people has designed a paste machine and the corresponding equipment. After 1895, the first single machine was born. Due to the board manufacturing technology progress and the rapid expansion of market demand, the cartons instead of wooden cases gradually become the main packaging container. In Japan, in 1909, zhen (inoue ( Joint founder, the founder of the Japanese paper industry) Through untold hardships, successfully realizes the pit machine localization. He will be spinning cotton machine into a pit and successfully produce Japan's first piece of cardboard. Later, he was established in Tokyo's north is tasted, chuanbei racecourse three sheng cottage, Later renamed thirty percent club, for the joint of the company's predecessor) , this is the beginning of the localization, can be regarded as the origin of the Japanese paper industry. The original paper products are pit, and see the pit paper, no equipment box, box process using the blade and ruler of manual operation. But with the increase of the demand of the market, then the crates equipment imported from German, and carton as container instead of wooden cases, actively to market, this is the early Japanese carton manufacturing. Carton of six major advantages: 1. Carton is a kind of can recycle on behalf of the product. The carton recovery more than 90% of the world today, so the effective use of resources plays a big role. 2. Carton is with decomposability of natural materials, so very easy to decompose into the soil after being disposed. 3. Carton has the good buffer, can protect the built-in content is not subject to external shocks, and can avoid the loss of built-in objects, also has the very good sealing, so can be delivered the goods safely. 4. Carton weight is light, good physical properties, according to the shape of the built-in objects can design appropriate packaging, which can control the packing. 5. Because the carton can be mass production, high degree of automation, so the production efficiency is much higher than other forms of packaging container. 6. Can also be delicate printing on the cartons, so as to play a good role in promoting in merchandise sales.
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