The application of baiyun cardboard-box factory about carton packaging

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-28
Carton packaging applications, promising, it can be said that the carton packaging industry in the future there are good prospects for development, market potential is great. With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people's demand to carton packaging will continue to increase, but also to the quality of the carton packaging put forward higher requirements. To avoid the waste automatic folding box gluing machine, carton packaging in high-speed packaging machine automatically open, forming, filling, sealing, such as technology, not only requires the carton structure size design is reasonable, but also should guarantee the box piece enough die cutting precision and accuracy of folding pasting box. Carton packaging industry in our country, has from the vicious competition began to the benign development: from the beginning level to advanced level of development; From domestic level to international level. Into before and after the new century, the Yangtze river delta region of carton packaging enterprises, basically completed the industry specialization, has reached the level of guangdong. Big enterprise of high-grade corrugated cardboard for small factory production line processing, small factory using high quality cardboard boxes for the user processing, large and small enterprises has been formed interdependence of cooperation in the new period. Carton packaging can emerge in many packaging material printing market, is by no means accidental. In addition has the characteristics of qualitative light, portable, wide raw material sources, in today's advocates in the context of sustainable development, the environmental protection become the absolute reason to develop the carton packaging, at the same time, green pollution-free also has become the new trend of the development of the enterprise. Carton packaging has so many advantages, in euramerican developed country, it got the favour of industry end-users, surpass other kinds of packaging form institutions, organizations, has become the mainstream in the market of Europe and the United States packaging packaging form, and, in the developed countries of the packaging market, has a clear awareness of carton packaging market. As the main paper products, corrugated carton with metal, plastic, glass, wood packaging, compared with less waste, easy to decompose and recycling, and at the time of printing are all made of non-toxic environmentally water-based ink easy decomposition, is recognized as 'green packaging'. In the future, environmental protection, economy also makes demand more strong corrugated carton. Corrugated carton as packaging, green packaging, the economy has good substitution effect to other packaging products, using range is becoming more and more widely, become the development direction of packaging industry. To protect products, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, carton packaging products in the process of circulation. The paper box for packaging products. Carton packaging is the most widely used a way of packing. Difference in wooden cases, woven bag packaging, bag packaging, plastic packaging, carton packaging with easy materials, light weight, easy printing, design, molding and low cost etc. , widely used in product sales packaging and transport packaging. In order to effectively protect the goods are packed in cartons must be an integral part of a product, carton packaging can not only convenient transportation of products, but also can effectively promote product sales. Are packed in cartons of widely applied and incomparable other packing way, because it is not only light weight, easy to printing, and its price is relatively affordable, so many companies now most choose carton as the outer packing of goods.
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