The carton burst degrees, how to calculate the price?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-18
Used on market order corrugated carton, carton usually have a common box also said carton, low box ( Is the rule of the shape of the box) And knife card or flat card paper, such as attachments. Its main raw material is cardboard, now often use cardboard for three layers of cardboard, five layers of cardboard or seven layers of cardboard, regardless of the pit of several layers of cardboard is divided into different type, different thickness of pit type is different, such as of the most commonly used three layer B pit, 3 mm thickness. Five layers of the most commonly used BC pit, about 7 mm thickness. Seven layers of the most commonly used BCBK pit, about 10 mm thickness. Other thickness about 1 E pit pit type. 5 mm, the thickness of the EB pit about 5 mm, the thickness of A pit about 5. 5 mm, and so on, paper and corrugated cardboard layers by surface by pit machine agglutination. On the outside of the layer of paper called a paper, and the innermost paper called in the paper, corrugated paper called the pit. If A = B, A is glossy paper, B: in the paper. K = K, to face the bottom paper paper for K. A carton of burst degree determined by the surface bottom paper, and the compressive strength is determined by the undulating in the middle of the paper, which is normally we require paper gram. According to the thickness of the pit carton can be roughly divided into four types: a, the pit box, also known as E pit box, writing for A9A, A9B, B9B etc. , it is the thinnest carton, usually paper box. A total of three layers of paper. Total thickness of 1. 5 - 2. 0 MM 2, single pit box, writing for K3K, K3A, A3A, A3B, B3B, etc. Are commonly used to do inside the box. A total of three layers of paper. Total thickness of 2. 5毫米。 Three, double pit box, it is usually use most of the cartons. Writing for K = K, K = A, A, A = A = B, A = C, B = B, etc. A total of five layers of paper. Total thickness is 5 mm. Four, three pit box, writing for A 3 A, 3 B, B, 3 B, this is the thickest in carton boxes. Commonly used for packing fragile and heavier items, such as apparel/hardware, etc. Because of its breaking strength is best. In the unit price is the highest. A total of 7 layers of paper, with a total thickness of 7. 5MM。 So after we know the material by shenzhen cardboard-box factory introduce below carton price how to calculate? We must first understand a cartoon box structure is as follows: this figure, we want to get the cartons of developed area chart below carton standard calculation formula: ( Length + width + 5) * ( Wide + + 3) * 2 * quotation / 10000 = a carton price, which contains the trim loss and carton forming joint. Quotation in thousands square inch calculation in shenzhen region, then all Numbers divided by 2. 54 from cm to inch units.
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