The carton information | paper, cardboard started to rise in price

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-07-27
The raised 50 - on June 29 150 yuan/ton, after the record-keeping cheung rise again. On July 2, the increase in the price of the sixth cheung news, multiple base of cattle paperboard and corrugated paper price increase - 100 200 yuan/ton. Around at that time, the industry comments, medium and small paper mills in succession with inflation, cardboard downstream market price letter hit in succession, the paper board to rise up to 8%. Gift packaging technology co. , LTD. , was founded in 2003, is a collection of product packaging research and development, design, production, sales and service of modern science and technology enterprises, mainly engaged in metal tin and carton packaging, including food box, wine box, tea box, gift boxes, special-shaped iron boxes, jewelry box, such as product customization, and beijing-tianjin-hebei, LuXiBei and male Ann district boutique iron boxes, high-grade base paper carton packing. Business contact,,,.
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