The carton manufacturer to purchase equipment need to compare?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-19
We all have to 'shop around' to buy things, there are few as soon as you see bill, unless very easily catch you desire, not to buy the in the mind is uncomfortable, to buy. Actually we even buy the same goods, can do kinds of comparison and choice. So what does 'shop around' is better than? Is the price? Is the lowest price or highest price can buy equipment you want? Than what respect? First than it is the design of carton equipment supplier ability also is computer control, the same is touch screen operation, but the scope and methods of control will have a lot of different. Better devices are needed to operate, operation process design is people-oriented, is simple and feasible, is a test equipment manufacturers in the production of the cartons to understand. The design and fabrication of the operation is simple and not simple, on the contrary will be very complex, it like car gearbox, the operation of the automatic transmission is very simple, but to achieve the function of design and manufacture is much more complex, the corresponding cost will be much higher. The second is the reliability of the equipment operation, safety, stability and precision, and sensitivity. Devices in low speed, high speed and speed of operation condition is easy to imagine. For technology is difficult to compare between different manufacturers, only on the same types of technology equipment, high and low prices to reflect. Second than is the function of the satisfaction of prepared to buy the equipment want to possess the function of what and how the functions of primary and secondary, which one is most the equipment suppliers in accordance with your demand for function. Also is to compare equipment suppliers conform to the degree of conformity degree is higher, you bought you want to buy the equipment. You can't ask carton printing equipment Heidelberg, Roland machine printing effect, this is beyond the scope of carton printing. Function is not the more the better, but you can meet the demand of practical use, the better. Some features, which may be put into use from the device to the device, are not used at a time, in vain spent money for this purpose. Scraper equipped, for example, if your product does not involve the ground color, don't need more than 50 line printing, so this function is not to use, it will increase the cost. ( About the use of the scraper, such as to understand please see my previous articles, said there is not much) Third than pre-sale and after-sale service is the satisfaction of pre-sale service? Such as you need to open a cardboard-box factory, so does the supplier can give a reasonable demand for your project? Such as the characteristic and requirement of the cartons you do need what kind of equipment to do? How many are equipped with? Workshop? The production process planning? Raw material purchase channel? Capacity to increase after the upgrade? Do you want to increase equipment, for example, then what is the purpose of increasing equipment? To solve the current problems and the late may encounter is the problem? How to implement? And so on many aspects. Rather than listen to suppliers equipment has more advanced, more automation. Fourth is than the cost of equipment cost of carton equipment operation have? Include: water, electricity, compressed air consumption, number of operators and skill requirements, the price of spare parts and wearing parts and replacement frequency, the cost of after-sales service, in the service life of equipment and the depreciation rate and so on. Today in the market competition is intense, supply capacity, the pros and cons of cost control is very close, not only a lot of profits from the orders, also from the consumption of control. The same purchase price why someone can do to make money, also someone will lose money? So, when purchasing carton equipment must be comparison of high and low running cost, manufacturing cost of high and low may decide the survival of enterprises.
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