The cartons can't do large area printing what to do?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-23
The carton customized carton will often hear shenzhen such words, 'does not recommend widespread printing' or 'can't do large printing', is this why? Large printing will increase the cost of production, first, a cardboard-box factory and was first printed with ink consumption will increase, so directly increases the cost of production. Second, the rejection rate will rise, indirectly increased the cost. Second, the way to high to the requirement of the cardboard, cardboard factory level of raw material is different, caused the cardboard through stare blankly, going a while at hard, soft, will affect the cardboard printing. Then choose the better not cardboard? I take a look at this, the board is influenced by the weather humidity, gelatinizing amount more or less influence, will appear the cardboard is not smooth, and appear a little uneven, cardboard factory is not giving a refund or an exchange. Third, strict carton large printing of printing machine. So, the general printing machinery of a cardboard-box factory and was around 200000. Can make a good effect of large amount of printing press is about 8 million. So if carton large area printing, there is no way? Actually is, choose to have the cardboard-box factory of paperboard line, so to intervene directly in the ability of production, of course this unit is a minimum requirement. So if the quantity is not so large? So can only choose printing ink as ink printing is the logo printing to a piece of paper, first in the paper on the corrugated, thus avoiding the influence of corrugated board for printing. Of course, this will increase the carton price. If the watermark is printed directly onto the paper, on corrugated line not line? Theory that in the past, but still watermark mechanical problems, general watermark machinery cannot be printed on the paper, paper is too thin.
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