The characteristics of the carton packaging design

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-21
Corrugated carton with its characteristics and environmental advantages are widely used in commodity packaging, in the transportation of goods, save, and played an important protection with sales. In use process, requires the corrugated carton as part of the fastness and durability. Projects are mainly used for the detection of domestic of corrugated carton burst strength, compressive strength, compressive strength, thickness, flat crush strength, moisture, adhesive strength and puncture strength, corrugated carton all parameters, etc. Carton design features lapped type carton lapped type corrugated carton with 0210 cases of some similar, the difference lies in: 0210 cases admitted to parallel to the box blank cardboard wide, and lapped type carton long stare blankly to parallel to the board; 0210 cases of joint connection in the main box surface, and lapped type carton is connected to the surface of the side box; 0210 cases of internal and external roll cover indentation line on a straight line, and lapped type box is different. In use, it is not like the type 0210 cartons, to complete the whole process of making box in a cardboard-box factory, to the users in the factory before the contents fill in the boxes, but will only die cutting billet to good carton packing users, by the user use the automatic packaging machine with built-in item before its lapped boxes. Compared with standard containers, lapped type carton is the feature of material is less, the cartons with built-in tightly stick, can realize high automation. Separate the cartons in the process of circulation can be split into two or more separate carton, mainly to solve contradiction between mass production and small batch sales. Separate the cartons can be on the basis of traditional teu type used in a variety of complementary makings on small box type combination, also can be used in a new molding method. New type of clapboard and lapped in separate carton generally USES H type combination of cartons. There are N and F lapped type carton two kinds. The F type is more popular, mainly used for plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and glass bottled condiment packaging. F lapped type carton can be 20 bottles of original packing is decomposed into two 10 bottles of packing, packing also increased the compressive strength, packaging material costs have been reduced, and have good promotion function. Triangular prism type carton triangular prism is corrugated carton box with a page of forming Angle line, the four corner of corrugated carton forming triangular prism or straight Angle structure, thus to improve the compressive strength by 20% 50%. Triangular prism type carton tray and seal type two kinds, and there are many box to choose from. Compared with the general corrugated carton, triangular prism type corrugated carton under standard condition, the compressive strength can be improved 20% Increased by 40% - 30%, high humidity condition 60%; Case will not happen convex drum phenomenon, especially in wet condition; Structurally, corner part is solid, so drop impact and vibration, the built-in objects damage rate is extremely low; Applied load, stable carton deformation, not easy to cause stacking collapsed; Tray type triangular prism corrugated carton sales good display.
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