The characteristics of the color on the carton packaging and skills

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-17
Colour contrast is simply because a design needs through the comparison of different colors and performance in a way,, but it is indispensable to the whole packaging design elements object, some design, even clever combination of different pigments. Therefore, in the process of research of packaging design, if you don't pay attention to grasp the relationship between color and color contrast, will not be able to design a good packaging design. There are a lot of commodity packaging quality is not high, consumers are not satisfied, even bored, directly affects the sale of goods. In the current fierce competition in the market condition, must say it's a curb for companies or manufacturers. Of course, it will also affect the economic interests of the companies or manufacturers. This is mainly because the basic quality and product packaging designers design level is not enough, lead to the poor quality of the packaging design. And the grade of packaging design is mainly of packaging design skills, if the master these skills, you won't get bad taste, couldn't get on. So, what are learn packaging design skills? There are mainly three points: one is the master color skill; The second is to master composition skills; Master colour colour skills skills to attention from the following points: one is the color and packing materials comparison relationship; 2 it is colour and colour contrast relationship itself. These two points is the key to the colour is applied. ( A) , colour and packaging are care so, as the color and packaging of the coordinate relationship between the where to talk about? Mainly by the color of the outer packing to reveal or reflect the inner packing of the goods. It makes people can perceive or basically at a glance what is associated with the inner packing. I mentioned in the past many times this problem, but if we can walk into the store to see goods, many commodities can't reflect the care of relationship. This makes the consumers cannot think its excellent packaging. Of course, it cannot have positive effect to promote product sales. Normally the color of the outer packing should grasp such a characteristic in different degrees; ( 2) Color and color contrast in addition, the relationship between color and color contrast. This is the most easy, but it is difficult to master in many product packaging. On the design from the hand of the master, the wounds of the packaging effect is high, otherwise, is the item. Popular in Chinese calligraphy and painting, so a words, called tight, thin monkey.
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