The first packaging comparison, the pioneer of hainan agricultural reform

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-09
On December 10th, hainan's first agricultural products packaging comparison, a total of 99 pieces of products won gold, silver, copper and other awards. Province agriculture department officials said, all is set on packaging product will be in this year's DongJiaoHui ZhuanGuan show, and carries on the promotion in the province, to accelerate the process of hainan agricultural brand. Fruits and vegetables industry development momentum in recent years, hainan province, fruits and vegetables in the island amount exceed 6 million tons. However, agricultural products packaging industry development lags behind, 'first-class products, second-rate packaging' phenomenon exists for a long time, damage to fruits and vegetables in hainan natural, green, healthy image, restricting agricultural value-added ascension and the increase of farmers' income. In order to change this passive situation, planning of hainan's first packing appraisals display activities of agricultural products, is listed as one of the important content of DongJiaoHui 2012, establish a special working group planning organization competition. In October, the provincial department of agriculture issued by comparison notice, all the cities and counties in the agricultural sector, the province packaging production enterprises actively response, a total of 121 units as send carton and the carton packaging, cans and bottles of packing and so on five big class 723 pieces/sets of packaging products for comparison. Hainan packaging association, university of hainan, hainan normal university experts panel, from structure, containers, material, printing, crafts, visual and identify 12 indexes such as comprehensive grade evaluation. According to different packaging products, five categories named gold, silver, copper, outstanding award, a total of 99 pieces/sets of products.
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