The material of corrugated carton

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-10-02
Usually concept is that the volume is much larger than the carton and corrugated cardboard was used as the main materials of paper products is called a carton. Corrugated carton as a kind of traditional and essential packaging container, has been used for hundreds of years and is deep. Corrugated board corrugated corrugated generally divided into U, V, UV form three. U leng leng head is round, v-shaped leng leng top similar to the top of the triangle, UV form the leng leng shape in between. Corrugated corrugated if each connection arched door, with each other in a row, to support each other, form a triangle structure, has good mechanical strength, can withstand the pressure from the plane, and full of elasticity, the buffer effect is good, can reduce the collision and fall in the process of handling. , simpler than the plastic cushion materials; Affected by temperature, have good light, the light is not bad. Corrugated board first began in the end of the 18th century. In the 19th century, it was found that corrugated board not only light fast performance, lower price is general material, and production process simple, use more widely. Not only that, corrugated board is not only a natural role by by the decomposition of wood fiber recycled and environmentally friendly materials, can be reused without affecting the performance of the play, so people's favor. Tile leng board according to the different core paper grooved, can be divided into A, B, C, D, E, F6, from A stare blankly to F stare blankly, more and more thin cardboard thickness. A, B, C, the characteristics of these three type corrugated stare blankly: parallel to the plane stress, pressure, surface roughness and optimum printing performance of B, C, A, vertical pressure and buffer performance level followed by A, C, B. General single corrugated board USES A or C stare blankly, double corrugated board needs A reasonable combination of the two stare blankly type, combination usually use AB or BC combination. According to the base paper layer is generally divided into single-sided corrugated cardboard corrugated board, three layer of corrugated board, five layer corrugated cardboard and seven corrugated board. Single face corrugated board is composed of a piece of paper and a piece of corrugated paper adhesive; Three layers of corrugated board is also called the single corrugated cardboard, is on a piece of paper and adhesive between a piece of paper in a corrugated paper and form; Five layers corrugated board is also called double corrugated cardboard, is between the surface in the paper, core paper, paper glue two corrugated paper and form; Seven layers three corrugated cardboard corrugated board also called, is in the paper, core paper, paper glue three between corrugated paper. Corrugated carton is the world recognized green environmental protection packing products. But with the increasing of environmental protection concept, coupled with the global forest growing scarcity of water and soil resources, wood used for the production of carton paper cutting are restricted in many countries, the corrugated carton industry is the source of the wood fiber severely affected. At present, the global demand has reached 100 million tons of corrugated paper product, including the United States accounts for about 31%, including eastern Europe accounted for about 25%, China accounted for about 10%, Japan accounted for about 9%. Such as Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries, because of its high domestic manufacturing cost, manufacturing to the overseas, the customers to reduce, corrugated paper products annual growth rate will be low, even have the possibility of negative growth. On the other hand, the emerging manufacturing low cost countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, such as the growth of the corrugated paper product space is larger.
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