The modern packaging and printing process of a few big characteristics

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-22
Small make up the introduction of the popular printing ways today, customers can choose according to their own product characteristics: 1, offset printing, offset printing has always been in good printing quality and low cost before printing. With the help of a highly automated equipment, offset printing quality can get very good control, but inevitable in offset printing in bulk printing color change and fluctuation is the main problem, at the same time it also lacks in web printing size variability. 2, gravure gravure bright color, high saturation, high rate of resistance plate printing, print quality is stable, fast printing speed, etc. Usually, substrates, smoothness is suitable for high quality and large quantity is suitable for packaging and printing. But the gravure pre-press plate-making technology complex, cycle is long, plate making cost is high; 3, application scope and flexo printing substrates extensively, and can use the ink printing, belongs to green printing. The biggest characteristic is low cost. 4, the digital printing application range is wide, high efficiency. Small calendar, small amounts of newspaper printing will not increase cost, efficiency is high. Color printing is simple, to provide a variety of requirements. Digital printing will complete the work and a variety of mechanical force, coherent. Have a big advantage is easy to modify, found the printing products has a problem, can in time changes, the original program can't affect it. Gift packaging customization:
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