The production and technology of the carton

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-18
Carton from size for corrugated carton size: the size of the corrugated carton is divided into inner diameter size, diameter size, respectively, with the said unit is commonly mm. Carton production and technology of 1, article stick/nail: also called lap tongue, usually called family. Is for the sake of corrugated carton through forming part and more in the side of the box out, glue/pin high with corrugated carton, generally about 30 ~ 40 mm length. 2, shake cover: also called E cover, divided into the outer cover and inner wave cover. General long side cover on the outside of outside shake cover, folded closed; Wide-brimmed wave cover inside for the cover, not fold after folding. According to the different length of internal and external roll cover can be divided into several kinds of the corrugated carton. 3, box label: the instructions on the product name printed on the corrugated carton, corrugated carton quantity and size of images and words. Carton label content determined by the customer, according to the position of the printing can be divided into positive label and side mark, be label printing in the long direction of the box, side mark print in the width direction; If the contents of the box the long direction of two sides printing is different, in order to distinguish, article divides into the label is the label and label; Label is attached to nail length direction, the other side is for label. 4, slot: shake cover between the openings, height with shake cover height. 5, arm in arm, also called hand clasp. Generally in corrugated carton side, shape is often two round rectangle, the upper line bei half wear, all the rest to wear; Arm in arm, size and location should be determined according to the requirement of the customers generally cannot bei to design. 6, high and low line: high and low line of corrugated paperboard refers to the corrugated carton inside and outside shake cover line pressing is not a straight line; The cover line pressing than the wave pressure low covered about the thickness of a piece of corrugated paper. 7, post-press processing: printing products to obtain the required shape and using performance of the production process. 8, die cutting: the steel knife slices in die ( Or use the steel plate engraving ChengMo) And the box. On the die cutting machine cut the paper mill in a certain shape process. 9, indentation: using the steel wire, through the embossing, pressure on paper traces or leaving the groove for bending. Are usually performed by die cutting machine. 10 and combining ways: common way of combination with glue, self-locking, tape sealing, nail and so on. Article 11, nails, nail and width box nailing. Box nail for coating of low carbon alloy steel flat wire, according to the number and spacing of nailing can be divided into single screw, twin screw, the article according to the nail and nail the Angle of the line can be divided into the transverse, vertical and inclined nail, among them the most commonly used toed. Article 12, glue, glue/nail and width with adhesive bonding. Adhesives for starch adhesive or other equivalent effect, cannot use sodium silicate. 13, proofing: according to customer demand, do a small amount of first package. 14, plate: need printing plate, usually divided into rubber and resin version. Version 15, knife: refers to some products need to make a special shape, such as all kinds of special-shaped box, need die cutting out the special shape, need to make a knife version, in the shape of the die cutting tools and cutting out what you need to, knife version, are generally not of steel bar, on a board with steel inlaid out the shape you need. Shenzhen bliss cardboard-box factory is a manufacturer of inside and outside packing carton, provide special carton, color box, box, beer boxes, large packaging products, such as purchasing the carton, custom express delivery to shenzhen, bestowed a cardboard-box factory and contact phone number: 18820947354.
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